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Hypnosis For Download | 5 Set Bundle – Achievement
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5 Set Bundle – Achievement

The Hypnosis audios that you will be able to download straight after purchase are:  Access Your Higher Self  |  Coping To Mastery  |  Enough Is Enough  |  Hypnotic Library Of Change  |  The Hypnotic Mentor

*INSTANT DELIVERY – NOTE: A pdf is delivered immediately after purchase which contains instructions for getting the audio MP3 downloads for immediate delivery worldwide


The Hypnosis audios that you will be able to download straight after purchase are:

  • Access Your Higher Self
  • Coping To Mastery
  • Enough Is Enough
  • Hypnotic Library Of Change
  • The Hypnotic Mentor

Access Your Higher Self

I regularly spend a lot of time out and around the countryside and the coastline near to where I live. I often am led to feel that the time and tranquillity I find enables me to access some higher part of myself… The peace of mind gets my creativity flowing and has led me to be moving in a great direction with many projects I have been working on.

Before, I have shown a process of getting in touch with an internal advisor of sorts using self-hypnosis, where you actually manifest an inner advisor that you communicate with and ask questions of and I even show a technique of that ilk in my self-hypnosis book. However, I have adapted that process slightly here within this hypnosis session to show how anyone can access a higher intelligence or a higher self, so to speak, without needing so much dialogue and using it to access resources.

This kind of a process can be done in conjunction with all kinds of other things and you can use your imagination in a way that enables you to run through this process from a special place in your mind, so you get artistic license throughout the session to adapt and make this process appeal to you in the way you choose.

One of my favourite therapeutic interventions in my own hypnotherapy consulting rooms that I use with clients is that of imaginative and mental rehearsal of successful outcomes and so I have combined this idea of accessing a higher self with mental rehearsal and I know many hypnotherapists choose to use the idea of accessing a higher self with a wide range of other therapeutic interventions to advance their efficacy and effectiveness.

Please note, I would not want you to rely exclusively on any so called ‘higher self’ for advice or as the ultimate source of truth and resource and would not suggest that it is all-knowing – people who read my blog or listen to my podcast know that I am not for that idea at all. I just think it is often incredibly useful to feel like we are tapping right into some additional depth and resource that we have to enable ourselves to think of ourselves as more capable than we sometimes believe or realise. I use this type of session a great deal with my hypnotherapy clients and I know you’ll love what it can do for you.

Coping To Mastery

On the plane journey on my way to a recent holiday, some good friends were o the same flight as us and they were enjoying having their young daughter on a plane with them for the first time… many might be worried about such a thing, not these guys… They were all excited and happy about the prospect as we waited in the airport and then when the plane took off, she was interested, excited, and thoroughly loved the experience in its entirety, all the way laughing while we landed.

There was much preparation that went on for this to happen… They did not know consciously or really choose to do what they did, but they joked about how they pointed at planes in the sky and talked about being on one of those, when they played in the garden. They imagined and played games imagining being on planes and got a marvelously good level of comfortable mental association and it all panned out perfectly.

That is what this session is all about.

Most of the people that come to see me for therapy have learned somewhere along the line to cope in some way with their issues… They have not mastered dealing with the issue, otherwise they would not need to see me. Here, I offer you a process that allows anyone to move from coping to mastering just by using the power of your mind, so that you can metaphorically be flying without a care too.
Enjoy this!

Enough Is Enough

Recently, my wife and I had dinner with friends. Very well-to-do friends. They live in a stunningly beautiful home, with a lit up swimming pool, views across the sea, other views across countryside… They have a boat and their own mooring and two Bentleys in the driveway…

The reason I mention this is because they are ‘old school’ traditional English people, with Lords and Ladies for family. At the end of a sumptuous meal in which I had quaffed more than my fair share of Chateauneuf Du pap 1988 – a delicious red wine… Out came the cheese and port….

On that plate rested a block of cheese, cheese biscuits, grapes, apple segments, pickled pears, pickled walnuts and a ‘thing.’

I had used a ‘thing’ similar to this which my parents used to use, but not at an intimate dinner party. I always used the cheese knife with the curved end if I had guests… Anyway…

This was a cheese slice, though they referred to it as a cheese plane… It looked like a pie server, with one edge dull, the other slightly serrated, and a hole in the middle, which reminded me of a bottle opener. I pondered the etiquette for using such a tool… It didn’t look like a very efficient knife. As such, it would be clumsy and unwieldy…so, how would one use it? I mean, am I to slice thin layers of stilton or brie??!! I think not. And I surely can’t just hack lumps off with my own table knife…

Self-hypnosis set in. I imagined the funny things that could happen and what could go wrong here… Uh-oh, I’m creating a ridiculous problem for myself… One that does not exist and certainly should not…

I watched our host as he served himself up. He pressed the flat side of the server into the top of the cheese, drawing it backward. A curl of cheese appeared through the hole. This was fine for cheddar, I suppose…

Did I drunkenly dare try it with a different cheese? Oh just stop it Adam, stop imagining all the scenarios where things could go wrong…

The break came when Katie decided to cut herself a piece… Giving me the opportunity to say, “Honey, while you’re cutting yourself a piece, could you cut one for me, too?” I figured that this would not be seen as strange, simply a courtesy between spouses…but I realised I couldn’t spend the remainder of the evening doing this. Being an adult it would be generally assumed that I was capable of self-service. If not, what would that mean?

I was desirous of the cheese and the port was poured… I went for it. I thought to myself, “enough is enough” stop with all the ridiculous thoughts and get on with it. Most of us have experienced an “enough is enough” moment, where we got fed up and boldly marched into something that we may have had a fear of doing, or prevented ourselves doing for some peculiar reason. That is what this hypnosis session is all about.

As it happens… While the others were deeply engaged in their own conversation, I decided to take the plunge. I reached for the “plane” and commenced cutting. Immediately, I found myself in the midst of a struggle.

When I pulled back, the plate came with. When I steadied the plate, the cheese began to come off the plate. Having seen some of the others softly steady the cheese with the tips of their fingers, I attempted to do the same, knowing, of course, that this should be kept to a minimum since it’s rude to touch others’ food… I could feel my fingers digging deeply into the cheese… hahaha….

The tool was so deeply embedded in the cheese that “softly steadying” the cheese wasn’t working. Before I realised it, I had almost my whole hand on the cheese trying to keep it in place while I cut. I was struggling, but committed now…having made a hack job of the cheese, I couldn’t just leave the piece half-cut.

Then I had an appalling thought…Was the hand that was holding the cheese the same hand that I’d pet their cat with?

The hosts were looking at me now, and I wondered what they were thinking… Had they made the cat connection? Were they wondering what was wrong with me? Thinking I was rude? Or was I just over-reacting?

I didn’t want to be rude.

I finally finished cutting the slice, placed it on the cracker and ate it. Then, deciding I had had enough, I sat back, knowing that soon we would retire to the lounge…

I cracked up laughing out loud and so did everyone else… I had imagined exactly what would happen, I made it happen… I made some other jokes about it and referred to it a couple of other times throughout the evening… had I not given it another moments thought, nothing of the sort would have occurred… Very funny experience and indicative of so many things…

Why consciously involve yourself in something that is incredibly simple? Why not just let it happen unconsciously? That is what this hypnosis session is all about.

Often when people overcome fears, they reach a point where they got fed up with being afraid. They got fed up with having the fear and they got fed up with the silliness of it all.

In the scenario I mentioned earlier, I realised the ridiculousness of what I was thinking and doing. When someone has a fear of dogs, if they then walk through the park and someone walks by with a Chihuahua – very small and non-ferocious dog – then they know that they are being ridiculous. if someone has to sit at the bottom of the Eiffel tower while the remainder of their family zoom to the top to watch the stunning views across one of Europe’s most amazing cities, then they may feel ridiculous.

When we realise the ridiculousness of our fears, we can often have a switch flicked inside our brain that says “enough is enough.” And as Barbara Streisand and Donna Summer sang:
Enough is enough

We want that fear out, and today we are going to say “enough is enough.”

Here you get to finally say Enough is Enough to old fears as I guide you through the process of letting go once and for all.

Hypnotic Library Of Change

Enter the Library of your Mind – a powerful place to start making changes!

Say “Goodbye” to any old excuses that may have been holding you back in the past

Whilst in the supermarket, I was queuing to make my purchases, and a lady behind me noticed what I was putting on the conveyor belt — pomegranates, red grapefruit, juicing oranges, blueberries, quinoa, green beans, avocado, spring onions, and lots more delectable stuff that makes me drool to talk about.

“Ooh, you eat all that healthy stuff, do you?”

I replied, “I certainly do… I love to see all that colour in my refrigerator, it makes me feel healthy just thinking about it!” I beamed a very big smile and turned to tend to my shopping.

“Oh, I just don’t have the time to eat those kinds of things, and they are all quite expensive, aren’t they? And my kids don’t like that stuff and my husband likes simple things… I would love to eat like that though, it would be so good for me and you look so healthy, your skin especially…”

Now, the metrosexual in me wanted to discuss skincare … however, I just thanked her, buttoned up the sermon I wanted to give, and bid her adieu.

What a fabulous set of excuses, eh? She had a list of excuses and rationalisations that were at the ready. She made it OK to eat in a way that she knew was not that good for her, but she excused herself and validated what she was doing. This is one simple example of what this hypnosis session puts an end to.

How many times each day do you excuse yourself or create rationalisations for what you do? Are you doing things that you know if you updated what you were doing, would improve your life greatly? Are you settling for something other than delightful, inspirational and joyous in your day-to-day existence, and then make an excuse that makes it OK to be that way?

We allow ourselves to be programmed from all kinds of sources, and this hypnosis session is all about programming yourself for the better, today.

When I was at college studying my A Levels as a much younger man (that is, after school and before university, for those of you outside of the UK), I went on a trip with my English Literature class to the Bodelian Library in Oxford. Oxford feels like it is steeped in knowledge and makes you feel very erudite just being there, especially among the grounds of some of the older university buildings. However, multiply that by ten thousand times when you go to the Bodelian library.

They have books there that Kings and Queens of England have flicked through. They have some truly old parchments and old bound books that you would want to use fur-lined tweezers to turn the pages of! Some of the older reading rooms and areas have very old, large ornate oak carved seating — you know what? A copy of every book ever published in the UK has to be sent there! It is an amazing place and fills you with a sense of intelligence and wisdom.

Certainly the Bodelian library is a lot different to the mobile library that used to visit my street once a week as a child growing up! That mobile library that toured my neighbourhood, it looked like a kind of strange space van in the shape of a bus. All the books were falling apart and the driver never spoke a word…

Anyway, I love being in libraries and I love being in book shops — there is something about all that knowledge and information that fills me with a sense of wonder and awe. Libraries are amazing places and if you think about what a library represents, isn’t it a joy to know they exist? OK, allow me to divert your attention for a moment…

Recently, in a personal development survey that I was reading the results of, the findings showed that the three things that people of the UK believed to be the most important ingredients for a happy life were health, success and motivation. Hmmmm… I am guessing that this would be similar to related results in many other countries too.

Of course, health, success and motivation mean different things to different people. Health can mean all kinds of things, we all have our own meaning of success, and motivation is vastly different from one person to another. So, have a think about what those words mean to you and write down a paragraph on each word before you start listening to this session. You’ll find out why…

When you think of what those terms mean to you, are you doing all you can to achieve those things? Is your life filled with health, success and motivation? If not, what are the reasons? Do you stand around in shopping queues, enviably eyeing up what other people have and then delivering a plethora of excuses for why you are not taking actions that would make you healthier and happier, for example?

Often, when you ask someone why they are not doing more with their life, or making better choices, or taking actions to enhance their existence, you get excuses! Whatever their reasons might be for not moving towards dreams they have, these are usually excuses or ways of excusing why they are like that or living like that.

So here is a hypnosis session that allows you to symbolically start programming yourself to stop making excuses, to stop rationalising and begin taking action and living the way you want, or a way that makes you happier on your own terms.

There are libraries, ferocious furnaces, big doors to be unlocked and much more besides, ready to tantalise you in this hypnosis session.

You enter the library of your mind, and boy is it powerful place when you start making changes within it… A wonderful hypnosis session awaits you. Say goodbye to any old excuses that may have been holding you back in the past!

The Hypnotic Mentor

Learn more than you ever imagined possible

Recently, I was speaking to a group of people on the idea of mentoring or being mentored and I mentioned to this group of individuals that I continue to be mentored in life and business by people that are brilliant at doing so, in my opinion.

Someone happened to mention that as they were at the embryonic stages of their new business, they did not really have the necessary funds to pay someone to mentor them along the way and the resources of their local government just were not adequate or relevant for what they required.

So I told them about when I was setting up my business, I was lucky to have the world’s finest mentors to help me in times of need. I had a round table of world class business mentors — Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Anthony Robbins, and a few others. Pretty impressive, eh?

When running in marathons and other events, I have been trained by Paula Radcliffe, Paul Tergat, Brendan Foster, Michael Johnson and many others.

The reality of the matter is that I was not actually connecting with these people in their reality. I was not actually speaking to them in the regular way that you would consider speaking to them. I was being trained and mentored by these amazing people in my mind. To have consulted in reality would have been impossible. I read their autobiographies, studied research about them and got to know as much as I could about them. Then, I created my own psychological internal round table of brilliance that I consulted with when I wanted to and all it cost me was the time invested and my unconscious mind offered the wisdom of those people from their perspective and it proved incredibly valuable.

Want to know how to do that too? In an even deeper, more powerful manner? Well guess what? That is what this hypnosis session does for you. It is all about how to create a hypnotic mentor. This hypnosis session runs through the entire process with you so that you can communicate with a mentor, a higher self, a wiser being or someone you want to learn more from. You’ll love it.