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5 Set Bundle – Mood Enhancement

The Hypnosis audios that you will be able to download straight after purchase are:  First Aid For A Bad Mood! Hypnosis To Get Into A Great Mood  |  Creating A Happiness Filter To Elevate Mood  |  Lifting The Fog And Lifting Your Mood  |  The Circle Of Mood Elevation – Lifting Mood Naturally  |Using Cognitions To Advance Mood

*INSTANT DELIVERY – NOTE: A pdf is delivered immediately after purchase which contains instructions for getting the audio MP3 downloads for immediate delivery worldwide


The Hypnosis audios that you will be able to download straight after purchase are:

  • First Aid For A Bad Mood! Hypnosis To Get Into A Great Mood,
  • Creating A Happiness Filter To Elevate Mood,
  • Lifting The Fog And Lifting Your Mood,
  • The Circle Of Mood Elevation – Lifting Mood Naturally,
  • Using Cognitions To Advance Mood

First Aid For A Bad Mood! Hypnosis To Get Into A Great Mood

Sometimes we don’t need to go for a deep, lengthy therapeutic procedure. Sometimes we just want to give ourselves a lift, especially if we have been in a bad mood for a while, or maybe been subjected to a number of problems in our life that have made it seem difficult to snap into a great mood, or perhapswe’ve been ignoring good stuff or felt that there has not been a lot to get excited about… Well this hypnosis session is absolutely for just getting a pep up; a thorough mood advancement process.

The reason I refer to it being ‘first aid’ for a bad mood is because it deals with symptoms of a bad mood.

I can remember being at an NLP training watching Richard Bandler on stage presenting and he suggested that we all force a smile on our faces three times in succession and to observe closely what happened within us. All those of us that did it felt better and got a shot of well-being, though it varied in intensity. It was a great way to alter mood. It actually started me off with a fit of giggles at the time and just thinkingabout that experience continues to make me smile.

Likewise, when I think of Frank Spencer or Tommy Cooper and their hilarious facial expressions in their comedy routines and old TV shows, I get a shot of humour and joy in my head that advances my mood for sure… I am also one of those people who laughs at comedy shows where there is some misfortune experienced, so I laugh at facial expressions of disgust or failure sometimes too.

Then there are funny sounds. I think most boys find whoopied cushions hilarious and therefore farting sounds make them laugh, but there are many things that are considered hilarious by us all when we hear them or imahine hearing them. The classic circus clowns music or the Benny Hill theme tune also seem to be the kinds of sounds that are impossible to maintain feelings of misery when they are playing and make me smile.

So if all that stuff can help you feel better, and offer up some first aid for a dip in mood, then why not combine it all?

I have compiled a number of those processes and combined them with hypnosis as a means of generating a great mood. It does not have to be used only if you have a bad mood, it can be used as a pick-me-up or a booster of some kind too. I am certain you’ll emerge from this hypnosis session with a beaming smile on your face!

Creating A Happiness Filter To Elevate Mood

My Nana used to tell me that there was a lady in the village who wore rose tinted spectacles so whenever we visited them and went into the village or the neighbouring town, I was always looking out for elderly women with glasses that had roses on them… I never saw them, but imagine exactly what I thought they’d be like.

Later on in life, of course I got to know what she actually meant. That there are some people out there who perceive the world in a particular way. I got the impression that my Nana and perhaps lots of other people tend to think that at times this could be a bad thing, or at the very least, it is unrealistic. I get that.

Yet I also think it is very useful to reflect on our lives in a progressive and positive way.

When you look at people who are unhappy or down in the dumps or even depressed, they do tend to perceive the world in a way that reminds them of all they have to be unhappy about. Often people reflect on their life and see only the things they consider to be bad or unpleasant.

There is a well documented and much used process of journaling that therapists often recommend that involves an individual writing in their journal before they go to bed at night, and listing 3-5 things in their day that made them happy.

What this does is points the mind at the stuff that is considered good, laudible and allows us to filter our experience in a way that helps make us happier. Forsome people this is what they need – to take a period of time out each day and don some rose tinted spectacles as they look at their day…. Then after a couple of weeks of doing this, getting into the habit of doing such, it starts to have a generalizing, happiness-inducing effect that I think many people can benefit greatly from.

So this hypnosis session has been created with this kind of thing in mind, and is simply doing that process of filtering, but using hypnosis to reflect and filter and as a result, we get to amplify the good feelings and focus in a deeper manner.

This hypnosis session undoubtedly effects the way you perceive the world around you, the way you perceive yourself and has you looking back on each day with a sense of joy that ensures you feel good more of the time.

Lifting The Fog And Lifting Your Mood

When I think of foggy city environments, I tend to think of the gas-light era which is the scene of many a chilling crime story. Without wanting to get embroiled in terrifying street scenes, I want to mention and talk about fog and clouds (though not of the pink fluffy variety, as you’d expect with me) as I build upon the idea of using hypnosis for altering and advancing moods.

Sometimes in life, it can seem like there is a fog and we can feel thick headed if we experience depression or even just have a depressed episode of some kind in our life.

Our senses can become numbed and the world can become dark, gloomy and unpleasant. Which is what the gas-light era streets were like. Ideally, we’d like to contrast that with uplifting, happy environments that are not as scary and which seem colourful and pleasant to be in and around.

That is what this hypnosis session is all about. If you have ever felt muffled, numb and like you have a foggy head and require some clarity, then this hypnosis session is just what you are after.

Even if you are not having a depressive episode, this is a lovely process to have a go at and we could all do with this kind of perspective, intention and having a fog lifted every once in a while. This session leaves you seeing the world in bright colours and much detail, it leaves you feeling joy with your own existence and helps you feel renewed of spirit. You’ll love it.

The Circle Of Mood Elevation – Lifting Mood Naturally

When I put this audio session together, it had been a while since I had quoted or used anything in my audio sessions from the field of NLP (neuro linguistic programming) but this session is doing just that by usingthe process referred to as the Circle of Excellence, where we combine a number of wonderful sensations, and then can access them all whenever we choose in life… And we do it all with the enhancement and amplification of hypnosis too, as you’d expect from me and my audio sessions.

This process is designed to put you into a chosen, wonderful state and by state I am talking about how you are in any given moment – physically, psychologically, emotionally; how you are in any moment is what I mean when I refer to your state.

Within this process, you are going to be asked to think of and imagine occasions when you have felt a certain way. What I want to get across now is very important. The specific occasion that you are choosing is not the most important part of this exercise. Let me explain what I mean.

I attended a meditation group for years that had a spiritual path inherent within it, the meditations often had a theme relating to the ethos of the approach. For example, we would often meditate on compassion, which was considered important. The mediation would start by you thinking of something that would help you feel compassion, such as people who are starving or under privileged children, but you did that to develop the sensation of compassion. The main part of the meditation was then focusing on and meditating on the feeling of compassion.. That was it.

The idea was that by experiencing it more and feeling more compassion, you would be able to exercise it more often – by familiarizing yourself with compassion, you would naturally become more compassionate in your life.

So with this hypnosis session here, even though you are asked to recall a time when you felt laughter, or joy, or happiness (as examples) what is most important is using the feeling and not the memory you use to get the feeling.

This session is going to amplify and magnify and enhance a number of truly amazing sensations and feelings and enable you to access them whenever you want to as a tool for enhancing your mood at will – can you imagine anything more wonderful?


Using Cognitions To Advance Mood

Maybe we expect more today… It seems that increasingly more people are currently lacking satisfaction as far as their moods are concerned. Therapists of varying kinds that I encounter are reporting that more people are coming to see them and reporting being depressed or having a withering level of positivity… So this hypnosis session is a process that uses your own cognitions to lift your mood.

Now for some, a dip in mood could well be some sort of biological issue in the brain, the chemical make-up of the individual or hormones of the body, so I always make sure people are consulting with their GP as well. That said, there are many things we can address before we start popping green pills and start to succumb to formal diagnosis.

There are basic things that we can all examine in relation to enhancing our moods; levels of quality sleep, regularity of exercise, the kind of diet, the amount of natural light you encounter, whether you have meaningful relationships in your life and a sense that choices youmake in this life reflect what is important to you are other factors that determine your general wellbeing, the stability of your moods and your levels of positivity.

Even if you have a medical condition that affects your moods, as diagnosed by a medical professional, looking at the above mentioned factors will help you. I have encountered therapists that firmly believe managing these areas of your life and incorporating relaxation or meditative practices into your life along with some good quality therapy, is the full recipe for lifting your mood in general terms.

Additionally, mastering your cognitions can vastlyalter mood.

When I refer to cognitions, I am talking about anything inside of your head; such as ideas, thoughts, beliefs etc that can be verbalised. Those are your cognitions. More than just the internal dialogue.

So I thought with this hypnosis session, I’d simply share with you the process I use with many of my hypnotherapy clients. It can be used in so many aspects of life and is very simple, but incredibly effective. The vast majority of the individuals I encounter in therapy state that they feel hugely better as a result of running through this process.

If you engage in this process properly, it is virtually impossible not to feel incredibly good in certain situations in your life. Enjoy it!