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TOTAL FREEDOM FROM EXCUSESIncluded In This Bundle is:-

  • Total Freedom From Excuses
  • High Self Esteem in 21 Days
  • Enhanced Creativity
  • Fall In Love With Exercise
  • Think Yourself Thin
  • Stop Smoking In 7 Days
  • Total Freedom From Excuses

Blimey, blimey, you’d be amazed at the excuses that I am given from clients in therapy excusing their issues. of course, some are very valid and not to be ignored. Yet in therapy and in life, so many people insist on excusing themselves for all manner of behaviours, thoughts, limitations and mistakes.

Whatever it is you want to do in this lifetime, do you have a set of excuses that you offer up to yourself and others that makes it ok not to do those things? Not to live those dreams?

The word excuse does tend to give the impression of excuses being intentional and purposeful… Yet many excuses go on under our conscious minds radar… many excuses happen unconsciously. We sometimes make it ok to keep on with a limiting behaviour, or doing a negative thing, or not taking some action, or whatever else it might be.

This hypnosis session is all about blasting out and getting rid of old excuses, stopping procrastination and lots of other things besides.

Whatever your excuses are about and whether they are conscious or unconscious, then they need blasting away, you need to be free of them for good.

Let’s crack straight on with it, shall we? There is not time to waste, I do not need to explain this one any further. banish any excuses with this hypnosis session. You are going to love it.


mind your weight


“Skyrocket Your Confidence With Other People! “Have Other People Feel Drawn Magnetically To You!

I’m not pulling any punches. I’m sick and tired of what passes off for ‘personal development’! I’m laying everything on the table. I’m revealing every self-esteem strategy and technique that I’ve used to:

  • Attract the right people into my business and personal life.
  • Feel good in circumstances where I once felt uncomfortable.
  • Be able to overcome challenges immediately.
  • Embrace change.
  • High Self Esteem in 21 Days MP3 Download is an amazing, unparalleled, 8 volume audio programme.

This audio programme stands out as must-have for people looking for self-esteem enhancement.

High Self-Esteem in 21 Days reveals cutting-edge tools, modern strategies, techniques and skills all combined with years of experience.

Self-esteem is incredibly important. Many people have the notion that it is the same as self-confidence; however it is far more than just self-confidence. As you might guess, the word ‘esteem’ shares the same root as the word ‘estimate’ meaning ‘to put a value on’. Therefore, you can see that ‘self-esteem’, really does just mean; ‘the value we put on ourselves’.

To read the full benefits for this programme please go to High Self-Esteem in 21 Days individual product


Enhanced CreativityAstonishing Key To Unlock And Unleash Your Unbounded Creativity!

In Just 5 Hours You Can Be Flowing With The Kind Of Creativity That Allowed Michelangelo To Create His Greatest Work

What is the single most important thing that you need to know to be more creative?

It is a question that I get asked very often, and I am going to answer that question on this very page.

While you’re sitting there reading this, you are going to learn that each and every one of us can be as creative as anyone else. Each and every one of us can certainly be more creative than we currently are and can have more creativity in our life. As you read on you will learn that fabulous creativity is not something reserved for the likes of famous artists, composers, writers and poets. It is something we all have and can learn how to have more creativity bursting into our lives.

Great to hear, eh?

To read the full benefits for this programme please go to Enhanced Creativity individual product


Fall in Love With ExerciseI put this hypnosis audio track together when I had just got back home from a New Year trip in Africa and had just started my training for five marathons that I was running in successive weeks later that year.

I needed a big boost to get driven and to truly fall in love with running again. Many people tend to go through periods of time where they love exercise and then times when they struggle to do it and dislike the very thought of it. That is what this audio track is designed to help overcome.

Within this hypnosis audio track, I thought I’d share with you a lovely and rather novel process. It is based upon an NLP (neuro linguistic programming) technique that I have seen used and published by a variety of authors in that field.

There are times when we all tend to fall in and out of love with physical activity and exercise. I go through highs and lows and my motivation wains from time to time and getting motoring is a lot easier when I am in love with my training and the activity I am engaged in.

I tend to fall in love with running just before and after big events, when I have bought running gear, when the latest edition of Runners World falls through the letterbox and when I talk to my brother about our schedules each week. However, there are various other means to have a love for running that don’t require the external stimulus that I mentioned in this paragraph. I wanted to share one such process with you in this audio track – all aimed at having you fall in love with exercise.

This track is going to ensure you fall in love with exercising for sure; you’ll be looking forward to it, motivated to do it and really enjoying the benefits of it in your life as a result. Have fun!



Let me be honest with you.

Please please – do not buy this product if you REALLY DON’T want to give up smoking.


The straight forward truth is because it won’t work. So you might as well save the purchase price of this product and buy another pack of cigarettes instead.


Please don’t buy this as a gift for someone else if they don’t REALLY WANT to give up smoking.


The absolutely essential first step is to WANT TO GIVE UP SMOKING

I know that you as the long suffering wife/husband of a partner who smokes would dearly love to find a simple way to get them to give up what in your view is an expensive, health draining, smelly, anti-sociable habit – BUT in reality unless they want to give it up – it just will not happen.

The point I have to emphasise though is that this set of audios WILL absolutely work if your aim is to become a non-smoker. It will make that process so much easier. BUT these audios (or indeed any other treatments) can’t force anyone to make a change they don’t actually want to make.



You would love to give up smoking – PERMANENTLY – and become a TRUE NON-SMOKER.

These audios are made with just such a person in mind.

Countless millions have been spent by governments, health departments and stop smoking campaigners with amazingly strong arguments for giving up smoking. You know – healthier, wealthier, more sociable, smell better, taste food again and so on.

So these self-hypnosis sessions are not only offering you the help you need giving up what is a strong addiction – but also will give you an enhanced life in so many other ways. These audios have been made with that outcome in mind.

What you get:

  • Full, 14 day programme with audio materials on a number of those days.
  • Workbook that reminds you and keeps you on track.
  • A number of evidence-based strategies.
  • 5 separate hypnosis sessions.
  • Common-sense, grounded approach to hypnosis – no pseudoscience, nothing paranormal and no air of mystique.
  • A step-by-step, thorough approach incorporating hypnotherapy and cognitive behavioural strategies.
  • A set of behavioural tasks to complete each day throughout the programme.
  • Cognitive strategies to complete to get you thinking and feeling like a non-smoker.
  • Unique music accompaniment

We incorporate a range of evidence-based strategies, in which you will learn:

  • How to break old habit patterns.
  • How to have the belief system of a non-smoker.
  • How to be fully committed to stopping smoking.
  • How to hold yourself accountable and take responsibility once and for all.
  • How to resist, overcome and eventually be free of any urges.
  • How to be motivated, committed and enthusiastic about stopping smoking.
  • How to feel fully in control of yourself.

Benefits of stopping smoking with this programme:

  • The obvious stuff;
  • improved health,
  • better finances,
  • more hygienic,
  • overcome the social stigma etc.
  • A lasting sense of self-control.
  • Show your loved ones that you do have what it takes to stop smoking. Make them proud.
  • Develop your own confidence in your ability to be in charge of your life.

How does it work?

Once you have invested in this hypnosis audio programme, you download all the tracks and the accompanying workbook.

The audio then guides you through a day-by-day series of tasks, combined with hypnosis sessions, and other therapeutic strategies. The accompanying workbook also acts as a diary that reminds you of what you need to do on each day and has sections for you to fill in as you work your way through this programme.

The audio programme is divided into two parts over the period of two weeks.
Each part has a different theme that underpins it.
In part one, you build strong foundations, develop skills, forge a powerful mindset, interrupt old habit patterns and then in week two you become a non-smoker for the rest of your life.

You can continue to use the audios thereafter as well, to strengthen your resolve if you need it and different tracks will help you with different facets of the old smoking habit as you live life as a non-smoker.

Your Effort Is Required:

Please do not invest in this programme if you think that you just need to sit down and listen to it and lightning bolts will fire out of the sky and zap away the old smoking habit. My personal and professional life would be a lot easier if that were the case! If such a solution existed everyone in the world would know about it and there’d be very few smokers remaining today. This is no magic pill.

You need to engage with this programme. You need to invest some time, energy and effort into it. However, if you adopt the progressive mindset explained in this programme, take responsibility and complete the steps as they are presented, evidence suggests that you can become one of the millions of people who have successfully quit smoking in the past.

The Evidence Is In Our Favour!

This programme uses techniques and strategies that have evidence to support them. However, this particular programme has not been subjected to randomised controlled trials. It is as evidence-based as is possible. Being evidence-based means that we explain hypnosis in it’s proper, clinical, sober fashion and that we make as responsible choices as we possibly can regarding the techniques and strategies employed throughout.

If you follow this programme, you have the best possible chance of stopping smoking using hypnotherapy.

I wish you the very best for the future.


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