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Hypnosis For Download | 7 Set Bundle Emotional Health Enhancement
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7 Set Bundle Emotional Health Enhancement

The Hypnosis audios that you will be able to download straight after purchase are:  Learning To Truly Accept Yourself  |  Let Go Of Emotional Pain  |  Hypnotic Book of True Self Acceptance  |  The Magical Mind Parents  |  Motherly Love  |  Open Your Heart  |  Talk To Your Feelings

*INSTANT DELIVERY – NOTE: A pdf is delivered immediately after purchase which contains instructions for getting the audio MP3 downloads for immediate delivery worldwide


The Hypnosis audios that you will be able to download straight after purchase are:

  • Learning To Truly Accept Yourself

  • Let Go Of Emotional Pain

  • Hypnotic Book of True Self Acceptance,

  • The Magical Mind Parents,

  • Motherly Love,

  • Open Your Heart,

  • Talk To Your Feelings

Learning To Truly Accept Yourself

I designed and created this hypnosis audio track on Valentine’s Day and as a result there was a wide variety of articles being circulated out there throughout the internet and in magazines about how to have happy relationships, how to find your soul mate, how to find love and all the usual type of stuff that you’d expect.

I had written on these subjects a great deal in the past, I have put audios for relationship advancement together (which are available here on this site) and did not feel I had a great deal more to offer that is new or interesting and relevant. As I wracked my brain in the weeks leading up to the day of love, looking for something to write to link in to Valentines day, I thought about the notion of loving oneself instead.

Loving oneself is a fabulous thing and enriches our experience of life, yet how do we go about doing that? I think the simplest and most effective way is to accept oneself. That is what this hypnosis audio track is all about.

Throughout my own recent training in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and my love of all things mindfulness, I have discovered a wide array of techniques, approaches and strategies to experience acceptance. Even before I did that study, I had written about how to develop rapport by accepting others for who and how they are.

Some of us will have a negative perception of ourselves, even if only temporary as a result of an issue in life. Especially at Valentines Day when those without a special relationship may feel a particular way, often negative. Some of us may have unwanted beliefs about ourselves and our lives, which are unduly critical. Some of us may just have uncomfortable or unwanted feelings as a result of our ongoing experience of life.

Any or all of the above can contribute to a less than satisfactory experience of life and affect our perception of who and how we are. Therefore, when you accept your feelings and accept yourself, there is no fight, no waste of energy and you get to be at one with who you are…

But it does not have to be only at Valentines Day each year that we can express love and acceptance towards our self, does it? This audio shows you how to accept yourself, how to accept your own feelings towards yourself and develop a thoroughly loving relationship with you. Enjoy it!

Let Go Of Emotional Pain

This hypnosis audio track is more of a coping skill developer. It is used and applied in a similar fashion to learning relaxation skills and breathing techniques to deal with the symptoms of anxiety, worry or fear, for example.

When we experience loss or grief, or have been emotionally troubled in some way, then it can be of great, great value to be able to dissipate the symptoms in order that we can have space to deal with anything the symptoms may obscure.

I know that when I have discussed the physical symptoms of grief, or separation or jealousy, for example, with my clients, they often describe it as a tightening of the chest or a knot in the stomach and this hypnosis audio track is going to help with such.

We are going to deal with the heart in this session. Metaphorically speaking of course.  If you have ever or are currently experiencing emotional pain, then this hypnosis audio track gives you a way to practice and apply in alleviating the discomfort associated with that. It helps you to deal with and to let go of the symptoms of emotional pain of any kind.

Hypnotic Book Of True Self-Acceptance

I had a week long holiday just prior to putting this session together. The sun shone on the part of Cornwall I was in! The apartment we stayed in was neighbours with Peirce Brosnan and had a panoramic view of the harbour, it was bliss to just sit and watch the world going by.

We sailed, visited places of great beauty, ate much, drank much and laughed heartily. A very much needed and thoroughly enjoyed period of time with my wife.

I have been writing about it on my blog this week… Some of the Cornish people seem to have this wonderful knack of being happy. That is, the life they lead seems to fulfil them… As Richard Bandler once said in not so many words, they really do seem to want the things they have got in this life.

With this hypnosis session, I am sharing with you a process designed to create more deep-rooted self-acceptance. Self-acceptance tends to be easier when it is experienced through multiple perspectives and through a variety of your senses…

Which is why I write about this shortly after having experienced the truly magnificence of the Lost Gardens of Heligan, some stunning creeks off local rivers, the awe of the Eden project, the natural beauty of the coastline at Lizard Point and so much more whilst in Cornwall… The sounds, the glorious sights, the flavours of the local produce and delicacies, the feelings stirred and shared while all this occurred… Really did enable me to let go of an unwanted existing mindset, experience myself afresh and accept myself truly in a wonderful way again.

When I first set out in the world of therapy and personal development, I was advised by a good friend and mentor that I should consider reading the autobiographies and biographies of the people that inspired me… Or people that I wanted to aspire to be like in some way… He said it was the closest thing to being coached personally and learning about these people… In the field of modern psychology, it is perhaps considered to be raw material for modelling aspects of these people.

So I read several autobiographies and still do so… My favourites include Brian Clough, the football manager of my beloved Nottingham Forest when we won two European Cups in successive seasons. Paula Radcliffe, the marathon world record holder, Richard Branson the entrepreneur, Martin Luther King, Ghandi, John Lydon (Jonny Rotten of Sex pistols fame), Iggy Pop, Milton Erickson, Stuart Pearce (my favourite footballer of all time) and so on and so on.

I know it is one of those interesting topics of conversation at dinner parties where we sometimes discuss what our own autobiography might be like, it is even a question I sometimes ask my own clients when they are looking for resources from their life… What would your autobiography be like? What chapters would be easy and enjoyable, what would you be proud of, what stands out most prominently, what would be challenging?

It makes for some interesting thoughts, does it not?

With this session, I am using a technique first championed, designed and utilised by a lady called Leslie Cameron Bandler and have put my own spin into it. It is designed to help advance your self-acceptance and uses the notion of autobiography to great effect.

Imagine if you had access to your unconscious mind, and within the depths of your mind, you had access to the book of your life. The book that tells the story of your life, past, present and future… This session empowers you to go deeply into the book of your unconscious mind, to make profound changes in it and to get it spreading deep levels of joy and self-acceptance throughout your mind and body. it is remarked upon as being an incredibly profound session. At least, it certainly was for me and for many of my clients when they experience this.


The Magical Mind Parents

I created this programme in the month of May. In the UK, May is National Teen Self-Esteem month and I do lots of work with teenagers to help them feel better about themselves.

last time around, despite the fact that the work is aimed at teenagers, lots of the research has had me thinking on overtime.

When working with youngsters, you realise how important parents are. I think we all know that, don’t we? They are often our role-models, we learn on many levels from them, they form templates for many of our own behaviours, attitudes and beliefs, without them they also influence us heavily… We all know this list could go on and on…

Some people find themselves entering adult life having suffered from inadequate parenting…. Or they tend to believe they suffered from adequate parenting…. Lots of people just do not seem to understand why or how they got stuck with parents who did not attend perfect parenting evening classes and did not actually learn how to become ultimate parents!

It is not only teens seeking to enhance their self-esteem that need hypnosis sessions like the one I am sharing with you here.

Sometimes, we need to re-parent ourselves in order to become more mature, loving, assertive, or have any other fabulous resource that we feel we could have gleaned from our parents.

Often the inadequate parenting that people have received inhibits the developmental growth so that they might get stuck at various stages of their own self-improvement and progression in life. Even if it was just perceived as bad parenting by the child, it could have a profound, unwanted effect.

So this hypnosis session is one that addresses the (perhaps perceived) deficits we might have experienced as children and gives us the technology to engage in creative and productive self-nurturing. Basically, this process ensures that whatever your actual experience was, whatever your parents were really like, that you get a life filled with the most amazingly excellent parenting. Let me show you how liberating and exciting it can be to fill your mind with a lifetime of receiving beautifully perfect parenting. It really is a joy to experience.

Motherly Love

Whatever your relationship is or was with your Mother, Know that loving, motherly tenderness can be yours whenever you want or need it!

This hypnosis session is about having that nurture, that love and that sense of safety that a mother can give…

I remember as a boy, when my parents came to watch me play football — my poor Mum, living in a male-dominated home, would have to attend games if my Dad had to be elsewhere, or at another game of my brother’s for example.

Regardless of whether I won or lost, scored goals or didn’t, my Mum would always tell me how proud of me she was and that I should be pleased with the effort I put in. It always made me feel better and always put an end to the childish, ridiculous tantrum I was engaged in if I had not scored a wonder goal or if we had lost.

The reason I mention that here, is because when I reflect, the influence my Mum had on me throughout my life is massive. Mums do tend to have a way about them, don’t they? They have a depth and a certain quality to their understanding and love toward their children. This is not 100% the case, though a mother’s love can do amazingly powerful things and that is what this hypnosis session is all about.

My lifetime has been blessed with having some remarkable mother figures in it. My own wonderful mother, of course, and both of my grandmothers who were tremendously wonderful women — all in very different ways.

Before our wedding, Katie and I got to see our wedding venue dressed for an occasion and get some ideas, speak with our caterers, florists and others about the venue and we really enjoyed it. I also noticed the connection between the sons and daughters that had their mothers with them.

Maybe we have experienced emotions of aloneness, depression, or rejection in our lives — traditionally these are beautifully healed by a mother’s warm touch or words of support.

Maybe it is because she carries us inside her womb for those nine months that makes a mother represent safety, a nurturing presence, a calm and loving sanctuary. This hypnosis session is about having that nurture, that love and that sense of safety that a mother can give.

To enjoy this amazing hypnosis session, you do not have to have had an ideal or perfect relationship with your real mother. Perhaps you never knew your mother. Perhaps she had difficulties of her own and could not be the supportive, loving person you wanted her to be.

Whatever your relationship is or was with your mother, know that loving, motherly tenderness can be yours whenever you want it or need it. Let me show you how, with this very special hypnosis session that installs motherly love inside your mind and your heart. It is a stunning set of sensations to have within you.

Open Your Heart

Let love in and be healed!

In the summer of 2007, here in England, in certain parts of the country it seemed to rain non-stop for years and years. We had terrible flooding occurring all over the country. Homes were being destroyed and sadly some lives were even lost. It started to seem that every year, just in time for the Glastonbury festival and the start of the Wimbledon tennis championships, the heavens open and the downpour begins.

Let me tell you where there was a lot of sunshine though…

I spent a few days in Brussels at the beginning of that summer. The capital of Belgium is fascinating. We stayed in the very plush 5-star Royal Windsor Hotel, which is a few hundred meters from the stunning ‘Grand Place’ — the medieval central square of Brussels with some simply breathtaking architecture, cobbled streets and as much beer, frites and moules that your stomach can cope with. Yummy! (‘Frites’ are chips in the UK, French fries in other places and of course moules are mussels for those whose French language skills are not that good).

What’s more, I got to see most of it hand-in-hand with the most beautiful lady in the world and it made for a joyous time. I truly felt a love for life.

One evening, as we sat contentedly opposite a flaming fireplace in a traditional pub overlooking the lights of the Grand Place, the crowds gathered there taking pictures and meeting up for the evening, and it made me reflect upon my own journey and arrival at this moment. You see, for those of you that are not regular readers of my ezine, I have not always been open to experiencing this kind of love for life. At many stages in my earlier life, I felt like I had closed my heart to all the joy, happiness and love that life had to offer.

In my work I encounter a great many people who have closed themselves off from the world — sometimes for protection, sometimes because of indifference and lack of stimulation, sometimes through disillusionment and a wide range of other reasons. Opening our hearts to love and life does not only have to be as a result of our external environment changing; we can open it ourselves and then let the good things happen. Cause and effect!

So here now, I offer you a hypnosis session, a simple one for you to use to help to open your heart to life, love and all those other things that from time to time we tend to close ourselves off from. So that you are open to receiving so much more that the world and life has to offer you.

This hypnosis session is a simple and powerful process that I often have used personally — in it you are guided into a deeper awareness of your own heart. Using a range of different applications throughout this hypnosis session, the aim is to increase awareness and energy in the heart. The idea is that this increased energy makes us feel secure and safe within ourselves and not needing to close off, hide or protect our heart from life in any way.

Often, when we open or re-open our hearts, we may sometimes (though not always — please don’t expect this) have the experience of releasing held-in emotion. If you have ever been to a massage therapist when you are very stressed or emotionally charged, you’ll understand what I mean — often it feels as though we are holding our emotions in our muscles; maybe our shoulders or stomach, and when those muscles are loosened, so those emotions are released and we can feel a letting go and we can feel naturally emotional. I know that it happens a great deal in therapeutic hypnosis sessions as people begin to relax and let go — they can often find emotions surfacing.

This emotional release, if it happens, may be powerful and overt, or internal, and subtle. An emotional release is a natural part of any healing process and should be welcomed rather than fought or resisted.

So please do enjoy this marvelous hypnosis session, designed and created for you to heal any wounds your heart may have and truly open your heart to goodness, life and all the beauty it has to offer you, notice how wonderful you feel when you let that happen.

Talk To Your Feelings

Hear what your feelings have to say, communicate with the essence of you!

When I wrote this, I was in the Caribbean. I was sipping my pina colada, small talking with my beautiful wife and soaking up the sunshine, eating well and reading lots and lots.

It was also my birthday while I was away. I love birthdays. I love celebrations of any kind. They give me a nice feeling — I love the anticipation feeling, I love the excitement and the attention during the day and the way everyone seems to be. It is as if we filter everything during that day in way which allows us to focus on good feelings.

In my therapeutic work over the years, I have noticed that it is a rare individual who focuses on feelings at all, let alone focuses on good ones. Often we tend to roll around in our feelings without realising what they mean or what they are actually telling us. What I want to suggest here is that people learn how to be aware of their feelings and what those feelings are actually communicating — what can we learn from them?

Recently I attended a large Buddhist meditation event. I am not Buddhist, however, I thoroughly enjoy the meditations and I love many Zen philosophies and ideas and so I enjoyed this particular Zen Buddhist event.

One of the things that we were instructed during a guided meditation was to focus on a feeling and become more aware of it and then communicate with the feeling. I found it to be incredibly enjoyable, very useful and thought I would share a similar technique with you here in this hypnosis session.

This hypnosis session allows you to be acutely aware of the feelings you have in your physical body and to connect the feeling with a meaning; sometimes this can lead to old emotional wounds healing, though most of the time it is a faster way to process out life experience and, of course, to benefit and know yourself better.

Once any feeling is out, or let go of, it is always wise to go back and make sure there is only relief, peace and well-being remaining. So you can use this hypnosis session over and over again to really ensure you let go of what is no longer needed.

I love the idea of communicating with our feelings. I mean if you think about it, the simple process of making them separate things that we can communicate with is disassociating us from them and helping us distinguish them more accurately, isn’t it? When your feelings dialogue with you, you may well find it useful to have it tell its body and its mind what it needs from them. I have found this to be wonderfully powerful and beneficial.

There is much insight to be gained when we observing and becoming aware of how different aspects of ourselves are working or not working together.

For example, my emotions once told my mind to stop being so busy — I had such a frantic thought process in my mind all of the time that it was like giving my feelings data overload! My emotions felt that they had to block off a lot of feeling because they couldn’t really cope with all of those thoughts that kept coming in.

At the same time, my emotions told my body that they liked to colour my body with some beautiful, bright colours, because my body (at the time) was too devoid of feeling sometimes, too aligned with my busy, frantic, mental life. This insight has helped me greatly in aligning my physical, emotional, and mental aspects of myself.

This hypnosis session is here for you to communicate on a very deep level with your feelings, almost as if they were physical ‘things’ and find out about how they affect and influence your life and at the same time, learn what they are trying to tell you, what they need, how they are created and much more besides. Very powerful stuff!

Talk To Your Feelings
Hear what your feelings have to say, communicate with the essence of you!