A Mind And Body Orchestra Of Energy

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A Mind and Body Orchestra Of Energy

I wrote on my blog a while back about making an effort with your own personal development… I got a response from a lady who told me that effort should not be needed and that we needed inspiration… I think she wanted lightning bolts coming from the sky, which I did not think was all that practical.

Often, when I suggest to my clients that I have some continuing work for them to do outside of the face-to-face sessions together, they sigh with a sense of despair!

Often, when my students are happily staring at me teaching them, when I tell them to get into pairs to do a practical exercise, they make a sound not too dissimilar to a teenager being asked to go to bed before midnight by his parents… A sort of cross between a groan and a whine…

Why is it that people do not necessarily like stepping into action? Even if it will undoubtedly result in their own betterment?

It seems that as soon as you hand over the effort to them… Instead of me doing all the effort… That the very energy keeping them breathing and living seems to drain out of them right before your eyes. It is crazy, worse and more noticeable than when someone claims to have seen a ghost.

So to make that effort seem less like a chore, I have fun, I inject enjoyment, laughter and fun into the work I do with people… Sometimes though we all need some more energy.

Apparently, Paul McKenna is the most unread bestselling author in the UK. That is, many, many millions of people invest in his books, but never actually read them. It takes some effort to read… And then even more effort to actually understand the concepts in the book and a colossal amount more effort to then apply the strategies and techniques to yourself and your own life, doesn’t it?

“Uurgh… Can’t you just wave a magic wand over me and make things change without all that fuss?”

Oh come on!

With this hypnosis session then… I am going to show you how to get more energised for change. This session is going to stir you, it is going to get your feeling driven and beholding of a sense of purpose, you are going to emerge from this session with some vigour and inspiration!

You know how you get roused and passionate at the crescendo of an inspiring piece of opera or with a tremendous philharmonic orchestra… We are going to get your mind and body roused in similar fashion with this session.

Go for it!


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