A Sympathetic Listener With You Always


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A Sympathetic Listener With You Always

Many hypnotherapists that I mentor and supervise talk about how the client just talked and talked and talked and talked and talked… They just (for want of a better expression) dumped a load in the therapy session.

Ok, if this is really what the client wants, to let go, to have someone listen to them and so on… Though where is the time and place for the hypnotherapy in such a session? Isn’t the role of just being a listener actually the role of a different type of therapist or counselor?

I am not suggesting it is wrong, and of course we are listeners as a matter of course, but I think to make the verymost out of a hypnotherapy session, the client needs to have done more than just pour out everything that was on their mind and then gone home. Our skill set is such that the client should surely be leaving feeling equipped and enriched in some way for having been to see you.

It is a discussion that I have with many hypnotherapists – many who disagree and insist that the client needs to be heard and if they wish to unload ‘their stuff’ then they should be allowed. Heck, this is not necessarily what I wanted to debate and discuss here.

Instead, what I wanted to share within this hypnosis session is a means of teaching you, and my clients, and anyone else, of how they can be heard even if there is no-one in their life to play the role of sympathetic and effectivelistener.

Being able to vent and express ourselves is essential, establishing a feeling of being ‘unburdened’ and experiencing some catharsis is seen by many as equally essential in emotional and psychological well-being.

Some people simply do not have the kind of support network available to them to be able to do this regularly in a healthy manner, and some may not wish to share certain aspects of themselves with those closest to them. So the therapists sometimes adopts that role… Especially if the client expects that to happen and has not necessarily been educated about what hypnotherapy sessions comprise of and the true nature of it… Heck, they may have seen a bunch of Woody Allen films and think that all therapy involves them sitting on a couch talking to the person in the chair about anything and everything for hours on end…

The process that I offer up within this hypnosis session gives you the opportunity to do this kind of process; you get to vent, let go and express yourself in a wonderful way. What you say is heard, respected, listened to attentively and it leaves you feeling wonderfully uplifted, unburdened and at peace with a sense of mental calmness that is essential to good mental health. You will have a means of speaking your mind, venting your spleen, speaking from the heart and emptying your mind whenever you want – when I do this, I swear my head actually feels lighter! I think yours will too, go find out!


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