Abandon Anxiety

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It is very well documented these days… Focusing on the breath and breathing is very important if you become anxious. Breathing slowly and deeply activates the vagus nerve, which is the major quieting nerve of the body. This nerve helps to calm you down automatically, so if you become anxious, deep breathing can help.

In addition and as an alternative, hypnosis is a very positive way to help you conquer anxiety. You knew I was going to say that, didn’t you?

Here, I want to share with you a very simple and incredibly powerful hypnosis session for overcoming anxiety. If you ever get anxious, then now is the time to abandon that anxiety.

Firstly, anxiety resulting from trauma and secondly; signal anxiety, which is in effect when someone is trying to protect himself from anxiety resulting from trauma.

No matter what the theory, anxiety relates to a future time and is usually about a future situation. It also comes from scattered attention and lack of focus. It is the unknown that causes apprehension and anxiousness. Living in the moment can help stop anxiety. We deceive ourselves into thinking we can control, manipulate, or modify the future. In actuality, there are so many variables that we really can’t see all the possibilities that can occur. In fact, worrying or being anxious causes more anxiety and may cause missing a moment that could be truly valuable.

There is a paradox to anxiety: the more you anticipate what’s going to happen, the more anxious you become. To eliminate anxiety, becoming quiet and allowing things to happen works better than being anxious about what might happen. Learn to give your full attention to everything you do in the moment. By letting go of the anxiety, you conquer it. Living in the moment does help.

Since anxiety is based on the fear of a future outcome, you can learn to cope with this fear by using positive thought. Remember: you are what you think! Negative emotions bring negative results. Positive emotions bring positive results, so learn to laugh at the outcome and think positive!

Yes indeed, laugh more!


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