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Hypnosis For Download | Abstain from Alcohol
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Abstain from Alcohol

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Abstain from Alcohol

There are many treatment programmes on offer to help you with alcohol abuse, however, some treatment programmes cost you a lot of time and a lot of money. One of the most effectively timeless and relatively inexpensive treatments you can use is hypnosis. Listening to my mp3 ‘Abstain from Alcohol’ hypnosis download takes around 25 minutes and costs a lot less than a few drinks. This download can also compliment other alcohol treatment programmes.

Alcohol the ‘Remover’

Many people who are addicted to alcohol attempt to control their alcohol intake with great difficulty. When the drinker eventually loses control over their drinking then things become really difficult for them. Apart from loss of control, one of the main problems with alcohol is that it is a ‘remover’, it will try it’s best to remove people from our lives along with our job, our car, our house and many other things. Alcohol will also remove our self-esteem and self-worth, as well as our confidence, motivation and self-belief. Having an alcohol dependency can be very debilitating for the sufferer and their friends and family and sometimes the only way forward is to abstain from alcohol.

Abstain from Alcohol Subconsciously

You can have the best of intentions to stop drinking alcohol but the problem is that you are making the decision consciously. You are making a conscious decision with your conscious mind, your rational and analytical part of your mind where your willpower is contained but your drinking habit is formed in your subconscious mind. This is where hypnosis can help. Hypnosis taps into your subconscious mind naturally; we all go in and out of trance naturally every day, throughout the day, like when we are day dreaming or reading a book this is natural hypnosis. To abstain from drinking alcohol you need to make a subconscious decision to do so not a conscious one.

Stay Safe Tips:

Here are some tips to help you stay safe when you abstain from alcohol.

  • Stay away from bars and clubs, especially in the early stages of recovery from alcohol abuse.
  • Stay away from alcohol drinkers.
  • Don’t ‘test’ yourself by attending parties etc.
  • Don’t drink ‘alcohol free’ drinks, they may plant seeds.
  • Don’t substitute for other unhealthy addictions.
  • Fill in your time with healthy and productive pastimes.
  • Listen to your mp3 hypnosis recording one day a week for the first week then every other day for the second week.
  • Enjoy your new life.

Signs of Having an Alcohol Problem

Here are seven signs of having an alcohol abuse problem, there are many more but I don’t have space to list them all, I’m sure you know your own signs!

  • Have you been thinking lately that maybe you’re drinking too much alcohol and maybe you’ve lost control over your alcohol intake?
  • Are your relationships becoming strained due to your drinking?
  • Is your physical or psychological health deteriorating because you’re drinking too much?
  • Do you become unpredictable after drinking alcohol?
  • Is your behaviour a cause for concern when you’ve been drinking?


  • Are there times when you wish you could stop drinking and remain abstinent from alcohol?
  • Have you tried to stop drinking in the past?


There is hope, take a few moments to think about using my ‘Abstain from Alcohol’ mp3 hypnosis download. Don’t allow things to get worse.

Remember: Alcohol is a remover, take control and remove alcohol from your life.

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