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Accessing Your Higher Self To Help Overcome Problems

I regularly spend a lot of time out and around the countryside and the coastline near to where I live. I often am led to feel that the time and tranquillity I find enables me to access some higher part of myself… The peace of mind gets my creativity flowing and has led me to be moving in a great direction with many projects I have been working on.

Before, I have shown a process of getting in touch with an internal advisor of sorts using self-hypnosis, where you actually manifest an inner advisor that you communicate with and ask questions of and I even show a technique of that ilk in my self-hypnosis book. However, I have adapted that process slightly here within this hypnosis session to show how anyone can access a higher intelligence or a higher self, so to speak, without needing so much dialogue and using it to access resources.

This kind of a process can be done in conjunction with all kinds of other things and you can use your imagination in a way that enables you to run through this process from a special place in your mind, so you get artistic license throughout the session to adapt and make this process appeal to you in the way you choose.

One of my favourite therapeutic interventions in my own hypnotherapy consulting rooms that I use with clients is that of imaginative and mental rehearsal of successful outcomes and so I have combined this idea of accessing a higher self with mental rehearsal and I know many hypnotherapists choose to use the idea of accessing a higher self with a wide range of other therapeutic interventions to advance their efficacy and effectiveness.

Please note, I would not want you to rely exclusively on any so called ‘ higher self ‘ for advice or as the ultimate source of truth and resource and would not suggest that it is all-knowing – people who read my blog or listen to my podcast know that I am not for that idea at all. I just think it is often incredibly useful to feel like we are tapping right into some additional depth and resource that we have to enable ourselves to think of ourselves as more capable than we sometimes believe or realise. I use this type of session a great deal with my hypnotherapy clients and I know you’ll love what it can do for you.


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