Advance Your Self-Compassion

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Self-Compassion Can Help You With Living a More Healthy Lifestyle

Some years ago, when I formulated my new weight reduction programme to fit with the evidence-based perspective that I have and for it to work exclusively within my own sphere of professional competence – that is, it deals purely with psychological factors and does not give nutritional advice or personal training/exercise advice. What was so fascinating while I was putting the programme together and examining the research, was what the evidence suggested about the way we perceive ourselves and how it affects our ability to change our body shape – be it reducing our weight or putting weight on if needed (if there is an eating disorder, for example).

Therefore, a very recent study piqued my interest. It was conducted by a team of researchers at the University of Waterloo and the results were published in the Body Image journal. It was very interesting and demonstrated the value and benefit to be had from accepting ourselves – flaws, quirks and all – with a sense of deep self-compassion. The study suggests that if we look upon ourselves in the same way that we do other loved ones or close friends, with kindness, compassion and acceptance, we’d be healthier AND we gain a more positive body image.

The study was conducted on Women only but offers important and valid points for men to be aware of too. The study results showed that women who have a good level of self-compassion also have a more positive body image, and this is regardless of body mass index (BMI). The study went on to suggest that women who were more accepting of themselves and were more inclined to embrace their imperfections dealt better with negative events, coped with setbacks more effectively as well as having generally better mental health.

Better Mental Health is one of Many Benefits of Self-Compassion

This is part of a seemingly expanding body of evidence showing that self-compassion can offer many benefits to people. In a press release about the study, lead author Professor Allison Kelly of the Department of Psychology at the University of Waterloo says:

There is something about a high level of acceptance and understanding of oneself that helps people not necessarily view their bodies more positively, but rather acknowledge their bodies’ imperfections and be okay with them,

Professor Kelly adds that realising that life’s disappointments and similar struggles are a normal part of life, and perceiving them with kindness can contribute to women experiencing a more positive body image and healthier eating habits.

The authors go on to suggest that people having an understanding of self-compassion and knowing how to apply it may well go on to help alleviate eating disorders and unhealthy dieting.

Boost Your Self-Compassion with this Hypnosis Audio Track

The key points to be taken from this study and others related to it, are that it is beneficial and useful to learn how to  practice self-compassion and realise that, L’Oreal say “you are worth it.” This hypnosis audio track teaches you how to combine a number of principles within a hypnosis session to boost your self-compassion. You’ll emerge from this hypnosis audio track with an amazing level of self-acceptance and love for yourself and it will serve you well in so many areas of your life. 


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