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Allergy Release

[Adam Eason]  Hypnotherapists use these techniques all the time, the techniques that I am going to share with you in this audio programme to ensure that you learn how to release your allergy and be free. Yes indeed… FREE!

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Allergy Release

Here it is…
A phenomenal opportunity to release allergies from your life forever… 

“What Is This All About?”

Hypnosis to release and eliminate my allergy?
Just have a good look at this…

As a hypnotherapist, myself and many therapists like me have helped hundreds and thousands of people across the world to be free of allergies that their bodies have to certain substances. Even if the allergy is severe, the techniques and strategies that you use in this audio can be life-changing. When I have spoken to big audiences of hypnotherapists at events across the world, almost all of them know how easily an allergy can be released.

Hypnotherapists use these techniques all the time, the techniques that I am going to share with you in this audio programme to ensure that you learn how to release your allergy and be free. Yes indeed… FREE!

I am sorry to say it… You know what? Your brain is making a mistake. It is true, your brain is mistaken if it reacts adversely to foods, cats, dogs, pollen, grasses, and most of those other allergens… An allergic response is a reaction that your immune system has to certain substances. If you have an allergy to pollen, your brain believes that this is a life-threatening substance and your immune system goes into action to fight the substance. Your immune system produces histamines which are trying to remove the offending substance — thinking that this substance is life-threatening.

Pollen is not life-threatening, you know that don’t you? Consciously you know that, yet your brain unconsciously keeps producing the mistaken reaction, doesn’t it? So let’s get it programmed correctly and correct that mistake, shall we?

Let me share with you the truth about your allergies, the truth that you are already aware of, aren’t you?

Your brain is triggered by this substance, it then sends the message to your immune system which goes into immediate attack mode. You don’t even have to actually be exposed to the substance. In most cases just seeing or thinking about the allergen starts to produce the response.

I have seen it happen in a hypnotherapy session with clients… just suggesting that the individual is in a field of fresh cut grass often begins to produce histamines and starts the nose running and eyes watering! It is crazy!…

Your brain does have the ability to change. Hypnotherapy produces amazing changes in the unconscious mind… changes that often amaze doctors. We often don’t really understand how the unconscious mind makes these changes, but the best part is that it works, it is extremely safe and you will be breathing freely, with a clear head and bright eyes.

Here is some of what you get with this audio programme:

  • Introduction to how hypnosis works for you.
  • Deep hypnotic relaxation audio. Ensuring that you know how to relax in this hypnotic way.
  • Instant self-hypnosis brain-changing audio — so that you learn how to achieve deep levels of hypnosis rapidly.
  • Subliminal allergy release audio session to use anywhere, anytime.
  • Several tracks of specialised techniques to use your brains amazing capacities to be allergy-free.
  • Five further hypnosis sessions, including Freeing your mind from outdated beliefs about old allergies; Ensuring all parts of your mind are satisfied at all levels; Training your mind to respond appropriately and in the correct way; Teaching your brain a new response to old perceived allergens; Promoting and encouraging health throughout your mind and body; Letting go of old reactions.

There’s more…

  • Especially designed, unique music unavailable anywhere else in the world.
  • Uplifting, inspiring and evocative language.

As you read all of the exciting and fascinating information on this page, learn how your mind affects your body and why the cells respond to thought. You will learn how to make the most of this program and get the best results.

STOP thinking medication and drugs are the only solutions — at least until you have successfully used hypnosis. You are sure to know that the mind has so much more power to free you from old reactions. You were not necessarily born with that reaction, your brain learned it somewhere in your life… Now it can learn again… How to be free for the rest of your healthier, happier life.

Thinking positively; when wanting freedom from allergies for the rest of your life, hypnosis is so easy and natural, science proves it works, and there is no drugs or invasive processes, isn’t that a better prospect?

I am sure that you are like the many others who find this one of the most intriguing, curious uses of hypnosis. Maybe you are sceptical or uncertain about how hypnosis could actually help you overcome an allergic response that you may have had for years. That you even have lots of particular beliefs about.

It seems odd to many people, and once you understand how the brain and mind respond to hypnosis, and how easy it really is for you to reprogramme the cells of your body and mind using hypnosis, you simply discover that you actually have far more control over your body and it’s reactions than you may have realised.

After all, it is your brain that knows to feel comfortable and symptom-free when you are not around those allergens, isn’t it?

It really is psychological magic! Your brain is magical and can set you free!

You see, breathing clearly, feeling comfort in your eyes, enjoying all circumstances and situations are all reality just by using your mind in the right way. There have been many studies completed, there are more being successfully completed that demonstrate the amazing response that the body has to hypnosis and suggestions given to your brain while in hypnosis.

I am proud to announce that the very university I went to here in England, the University of Manchester, published research results that proved that you can grow significant muscle using hypnotic visualisations alone.

Within that very research, the people that did only hypnosis exercises grew over 50% of the muscle that the real group grew — the real group did the actual exercise for the exact same amount of time. This is incredible stuff, isn’t it? It is scientifically proven. It is a fact that this stuff works!

When hypnosis has such seemingly amazing applications, you can begin to see that your mind can unlock the freedom from your allergy with ease, can you not?

You know, your mind directs the physical aspects of the body to sneeze, come out in a rash, block your nose, wheeze as you breathe and much more besides — how about learning how to direct your mind to be free of all that stuff, as it usually is and stops accepting that you have an allergy — start accepting that you can be free.

How does hypnosis work to release me from an allergy?

This audio programme uses a wide range of mind-enhancing techniques, cutting-edge strategies and classically proven methods to ensure that you get the most wonderful, beneficial effects from your mind and body, let me tell you about some of the ways this audio programme helps you to be free of your old allergy naturally…

Firstly, this audio programme helps to stimulate the correct responses to the old perceived allergens. During the hypnosis sessions, we connect with and tune into the parts of your brain that maintain the body’s systems and controls what chemicals are in our system and their future release.

We influence these parts of the brain within the hypnosis sessions to release the correct chemicals and responses. Many people actually report to me that they can sense that occurrence in their body with those particular hypnosis sessions. Many state that it is a enthralling sensation to experience!

Secondly, we take you on a journey through time. During certain periods of time in your life, you were free of allergic reactions. The memory of this process remains with you forever, almost like a blueprint that your brain has stored within it. You can reproduce that response and comfort that is more desirable and pleasing to you. It is such a growing joy to also experience your future inside your mind and feel how good it is when you have achieved your goal.

Thirdly, the principle of imagination. During these receptive hypnotic states, your brain is going to create and install the outcome that you want. This imagination process is a way to directly communicate with your body, to send messages to your unconscious mind. This is illustrated well in scientific evidence.

These simple principles are just a taste of what underlying principles are in store for you with this audio programme.

Do YOU believe in YOU?

As you are sure to know already, your belief creates a physical change. Our beliefs about our reactions and physiology affect our state of being. You can create change in your body simply by thinking about the outcome. The beliefs that you unconsciously have can allow your body to be free of old limitations, and allow your body to be as you wish it to be — comfortable, free and easy.

What are some benefits of releasing yourself from allergy today?

Just realising how much you are in control of your physiology enhances your confidence and self-esteem. Think about how you are going to feel about yourself after you have used your mind in such a profoundly amazing way! It gives you confidence that so much more is possible in this life.

Many people feel to say that they are more confident about their life in general.

Imagine looking into the mirror and seeing not only someone who has conquered and released an allergy, also that sense of inspiration that goes with feeling good about being you.

Freedom! Imagine what it might feel like to be able to go wherever you want under any conditions. Maybe you can even imagine how good that feels when someone else notices! The prospects are exciting, aren’t they?

There are so many more benefits that you can think of too, I just know it. You are the only one who knows the reasons that matter to you personally, so have a good think about them now.

Imagine how good you feel if you no longer dread the grass being cut, the blossoming of spring, or visiting a friend who has pets, or being susceptible to certain foods? You can read about these techniques and decide for yourself how good life will be without allergies.

Is This Audio Programme Right For You?

If you are open to the possibility that you can change your physiology with your mind and have the desire to free yourself of outmoded allergies that have caused you to bother in the past, then this audio programme is right for you. All that is required for this to be a life-changing success for you is an open mind and an idea of what you want to achieve. Add to that some regular time investment until you get the results you are after.