Amplify Anything In Your Brain


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Amplify Anything In Your Brain

Your Emotions’ Volume Control

I wrote about it a couple of times in my weekly ezine ‘Adam Up’ last year, the highly evolved regular readers of my ezine are well and truly familiar with the notion of ‘doing things differently’… that is, I recommend that you do different things in your life for your own personal development.

I do many things differently in my week to get different results and so on and so on. Someone very close to me latched on to this idea and suggested that they needed to do certain things differently. She had always turned her nose up at my particular penchant for sci-fi TV series and so over that weekend, following a very long training run, I decided to share my love of the X-files with this particular person. She hoped it would open her mind to something she would refuse to do in the past…

We happened to watch a couple of episodes that included aliens who could make themselves feel any emotion or sensation due to certain thoughts they had. This enabled them to seem more human (in the eyes of other humans) and harder to detect from the lobe-slurping, destructive life-forms that they were in reality, causing the usual amount of mayhem for Agents Mulder and Scully.

“Wouldn’t it be great if you could do that in real life…” Was one comment that worked its way into the conversation.

“Well, you actually can pretty much do that… I’ll show you how if you like.” Was my reply and so here is the resulting hypnosis session for you to go about being able to use your brain to deliver and amplify any emotion within yourself.

One of the great things I learned from some of the early Buddhist meditation teachings I had as a younger man, was that if you experience more of a particular emotion, you get more used to experiencing it and it becomes easier to replicate naturally. It becomes more of who you are and occurs more in your daily existence. Buddhists often meditate of concepts of love and compassion for example, so that they can exercise more compassion and love in their lives.

My reason for doing this is not so selfless, quite the contrary actually. I recommend you learn how to do it because it makes you feel truly wonderful more of the time. So let’s learn how to go inside our brains, tune into our bodies and really turn the dial up on any feeling we want to have more often, shall we?

When you enjoy this wonderful hypnosis session, you are able to amplify any sensation that you choose, and create more of any wonderful resource, feeling or sensation. Enjoy the fabulous ride!


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