Automatic Writing


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Automatic Writing

What is automatic writing?
When automatic writing is spoken of, people often talk about a kind of channelling. Accordingly, we are allowing information to come through our hand from our own higher self… I really rather prefer to refer to our unconscious mind – via the vehicle of hypnosis. That is what this hypnosis session is all about.

As with so many things in life… Practice makes perfect… Or rather, practice enhances this technique. At first it may be hard to fully grasp or even understand… Though you’ll soon realise just how easy this process is.
One thing that is going to enhance the effectiveness of this process, is being able to set your analytical side to one side for longer periods of time… So that you let things happen naturally without too much conscious involvement. With the hypnosis session leading you, this is made easy.
With automatic writing you can access all the ideas, knowledge, and wisdom that is there within the vast storehouse of experience and knowledge – that is namely, your unconscious mind. The process here simply involves consciously shifting your mind and mental space in order to achieve an expanded state of consciousness that is the hypnotic trance…. A hypnotic state… A state that I encourage you to spend more time in each and every week!

People who automatically write often say that they feel more grounded, stable, and in charge of their lives. Note that your unconscious mind may not always give you all the answers. You’ll get assistance and perspective or perhaps certain things highlighted… It is unlikely to attempt to run your life.
Essentially, you are the one who makes use of the words of wisdom to amplify and clarify your own direction. You just need to get your own thoughts out of the way and become receptive to a higher guidance from yourself… Even more than just intuition and instinct, here you are asking that instinctive and intuitive part of you to directly communicate with you… Using words!
You are going to love this session.


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