Balance Your Chakras

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Balance Your Chakras

How to feel wonderfully energised, refreshed and well-balanced
(Not to mention feeling your very own brand of being ‘High on Life!’)

Just recently, I allowed myself more than my usual fair share of fun – I mean, those that know me know that I like to have a lot of fun, as we all do, I am sure. Just recently, I did some things for me and no-one else in my life. I attended a workshop led by an amazing man from the far east whose work I have followed for a long time.

I played the role of the needlessly excited student throughout the workshop: If he wanted a volunteer, I put my hand up and shouted, “Me! Me! Me!” I sat at the front of the class, I went to speak to him during the breaks and I agreed with most things that were being said… Basically, I regressed to an 8–15 year old at various times throughout the event! Ha ha!

This I put down to the fact that I love learning and I was in awe of this particular man and his work. He actually said very little to me. The things he did say made a massive impact on me and it showed me that sometimes the smallest of things can have the most profound effect on us — observations especially.

He observed that I was very energetic and he also observed that I was a wee bit drained of energy; he may have read my rantings on my blog and detected as much! Hahaha… “Well, let’s get that replenished in the first meditation of the evening…” That’s what he said. Now, I do not have the time here to be able to tell you all that I learned on this particular evening, however, I did want to share with you a combination of that meditation and combine it with hypnosis for some great effect.

This hypnosis session is a step-by-step guide that combines hypnosis and some self-inner guidance with the idea of balancing your chakras. Now, it is not really important to know what your chakras are — in brief, they are regarded as central energy points in your body in Eastern medicine and philosophy. They have certain colours associated with them that are going to be integrated into this hypnosis session within your mind.

In this hypnosis session, you are going to be deeply relaxed, of course — however, you are also going to be more balanced and increasingly energised, and the other sensations that people report they experience during this session are things that you’ll just have to experience for yourself!

I know it made me feel wonderfully energised, refreshed and very well-balanced afterwards. Not to mention feeling your very own brand of being very high on life! Enjoy this hypnosis session for balancing your chakras, relaxing more than you can imagine and really enjoying some deep hypnosis.


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