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Beach Body Bundle

HERE IS A SUMMERTIME BUNDLE:   Learning To Eat Artfully – and Eat Much Less!    Curb Food Cravings,   Motivation To Exercise,   Outer Space Body Shaping,    Take Control Of Your Appetite.

*INSTANT DELIVERY – NOTE: A pdf is delivered immediately after purchase which contains instructions for getting the audio MP3 downloads for immediate delivery worldwide



Set of five Self-Hypnosis audio sessions for developing a summertime beach body. Five self-hypnosis audio sessions recorded by hypnotherapist Adam Eason



I can recall attending a wine tasting event given by the Berry Brothers wine company in Basingstoke when I was a lot younger than I am today. What a brilliant event. As with many wine tastings, you pay for a ticket, then get to sample lots of wines with a view to purchasing them. I did it wrong. I ignored the big bins of sawdust to spit my wine out after tasting and continued to swill down copious amounts of my favourites that were on offer.

Headache ensued the next day.

Since those younger days I have developed a penchant for many wines and even studied wine a little bit, though don’t really claim to be any kind of an expert, I still know how to taste my wine, note its character, aroma and depth. (Those who know me know I love deep luxurious full-bodied reds like Rioja, Barrolo and Chateauxneuf Du Paps and also very dry and crisp white wines such as Chablis and Sancerre)

If you have ever had a conversation with a proper wine expert or a sommelier, you’ll know that these guys have so much knowledge and expertise about wines and whenever I watch them drink and taste their wines, it is a joy to watch – they seem to be able to extract the most amount of taste, pleasure and joy out of the tiniest amount of wine; they raise the glass and look upon the wine, they raise it to their nose and breathe its aroma in deeply, then look at how it rolls down the inside of the glass. They assess it and then take a (sometimes noisy) sip along with plenty of air in the mouth and they roll it around the mouth to engage as many of the taste buds as possible. It is then spat out and the taste endures and lingers and they get other flavours and characters coming to the mouth before they cleanse the pallet with water.

All the senses get engaged and it is clearly a pleasurable and discerning way to enjoy the drink that I tend to quaff instead of enjoying as much as I should from time to time.

This artful way of tasting wine is something used by many hypnotherapists to illustrate how those wishing to reduce their weight can derive huge amounts of pleasure and satisfaction from eating much smaller amounts of food.

A major contributor to the field of hypnotherapy Theodore Barber is the earliest documented user of this approach that I canfind, using this approach in the 60s, though it has been picked up and used by many hypnosis professionals and authors over the years. William S Kroger who I have quoted many times before on my blog promoted the use of the notion of “eat like a gourmet” back in the 70s and more recently Herbert Mann used the idea of “eating as an art” as he referred to wine tasters and coffee tasters in his approach that features in a number of books including the famed Handbook of Hypnotic Suggestions and Metaphors.

The hypnosis session that I am offering up here takes this notion and makes it available to anyone. With this hypnosis session, we are going to mentally rehearse the idea of eating as an art form, then allow it to happen in real-life. You’ll find yourself being able to eat much less and be more satisfied as a result of it. You’ll enjoy the smaller amounts of food you do consume much more!

You are going to become a gourmet eater – you never again have to try and avoid food, or feel like you are depriving yourself! You just learn how to eat artfully and like a gourmet and get it lodged into your mind with this powerful hypnosis session. Enjoy this!


CURB FOOD CRAVINGSAt the time of putting this hypnosis session together, it was in response to the festive season that was drawing ever nearer… Christmas seems to start mid-October these days! The Christmas advertisements go on the television, shop fronts are covered in sparkly adornments and of course, we start reaching for those bigger trousers as our waistlines start to increase due to the scoffing that goes on at this time of year.

You should see the wintertime mugs of hot chocolate that my wife Katie makes when we go to the Beach Hut at this time of year when the sun shines. All wrapped up watching the sea, the quiet beach, a stark contrast to the hustle and bustle of Summer… Katie fills the mugs with hot chocolate, topped with cream and brimming over with marshmallows…

Then out comes all the rest…

Mince pies; Mulled wine; Turkey feasts with roast potatoes and those delicious ‘pigs in blankets’ (sausages wrapped in bacon). There is chocolate of every denomination. Huge hams. Slabs of smoked salmon. It is the only time of year I eat dates and sugared almonds! There are snacks and nibbles that accompany every get together… ADD to that the booze!!… We have boozy snowballs which is Cava with Advocaat, not to mention that we get a barrel of real ale in and enough wines and spirits to get an army inebriated!

It wears me out just thinking about it.

I recently wrote about this on my blog – a problem is created when we eat to excess. The more we eat, the more our mind and body wants to eat. When we eat to excess, especially loads of simple carbs and refined sugars, and then when we sleep less during party season and drink too much, general fatigue also contributes to us eating more.

Then we start craving stuff. We crave and are only satiated when we are stuffed full and snoozing again. The cycle continues and takes all our might with our new years resolutions to get us on the straight and narrow again.

I get asked repeatedly about how to deal with cravings.

The real answer is all about eating and drinking in such a way as to ensure cravings do not occur in the first place.

Yeah right!!! – BUT…

But there is a problem as people don’t want to hear that stuff. They always tell me that they know they should have eaten a particular way in the first place…

So today I am NOT going to be writing about that stuff.

So the next best thing, is to have a process aimed at dealing with cravings as they occur. Of course, this kind of process is not limited to the festive season, if there is a particular food or drink that you know you need to control your hankerings for, then this hypnosis session is for you. You practice this process and listen to the audio for a few times and then you’ll have a tool to use in real life situations to deal with cravings of any kind at any time.


MOTIVATION TO EXERCISEWhen people consider exercising, they often go through that phase of rationalizing it with themselves. You use that language at times, don’t you?

“I ought to start exercising.”

“I should do some physical exercise.”

“I must get to the gym.“

This sort of language shows that exercise is often something we don’t really want to do, but it is somehow necessary for us to get something else, it is a means to an end and not very compelling. We want to be slim, we want to fit into a different waist size of trousers or a smaller dress, we want to feel fitter when playing with the kids, we want to be able to see our toes when on the scales, we want to be perceived in a particular way – exercise is the means of doing it for many people.

There are very few people that first start out on a course of exercise that actually think to themselves and tell the world around them:

“I want to exercise.”

“I enjoy exercising.”

“I love feeling the sensation of exercise.”

It often takes us a while to develop this perspective on exercise. Whenever I say these kinds of things, many people look at me as if I am some sort of nutjob.

It tends to then feed my motivation to exercise further and keep on doing it. It is now an intrinsic and automatic part of my life and my day-to-day regimen.

“What? Is that it Adam? That is your strategy for getting motivated? Just keep on doing it until you like it?!”

Nope. That kind of suggested process is likely to end up as many January gym subscriptions that get used 20 times in January, 10 times in February and then never again.

Many people have an unusual psychological association with exercise. They think of it as some sort of a chore and think of doing it with some kind of begrudging mindset, like it is a punishment; often perpetuated by those that insist on “no pain, no gain” or other outdated 80s idiocy that only deserve ot be repeated at select nostalgic moments when refusing to throw away your ‘Frankie Says Relax’ t-shirt.

If you consider exercise to be something you must/should/ought to be doing because you have to lose weight somehow and you have to sacrifice some comfort and exchange pain, hassle and …. Then of course you are not going to be motivated to exercise.

With this hypnosis session, you get a truly magnificent track, that combines hypnosis, mental imagery, association and a bunch of other stuff (excuse the technical jargon) to show you how to get motivated to exercise and end up wanting to do it, feel good doing it, and enjoy exercising – because it feels good really!

I use this process when I get up each morning to train for the numerous marathons that I run each year – it is tried and tested. I am really proud to be sharing ti with you here.

If you want to exercise, if you want to enjoy exercising and engage in physical activity, then this is for you. Go for it!


Outer Space Body Shaping HypnosisOne issue I face is that as a marathon runner, my running usually creates a lot of cortisol, the stress hormone, which makes it more difficult to get a particular physique.

You never really see runners looking like they have muscular six packs. The elite runners tend to have no fat on them and so you can see the stomach muscles, but they are not similar to those on display with the cast of the film ‘The 300…’

A number of years ago I started using a process to advance my physique in line with additional dietary requirements and types of exercising (you’ll need to consider those things yourself to use in conjunction with this audio track to get the best results).

With this audio track I thought I’d (albeit prematurely) share one of the psychological processes I use with clients and with my own training to help encourage physiological changes. It combines some classic ideas with a couple of my other favourite processes from related fields. Though it contains a number of core principles within the mental imagery that are used a great deal in therapy rooms, this process has no evidence base outside of my own subjective experience and my experience of using it with clients. I have been using this kind of process with my weight reduction clients for many years now and they report a great response to it which is why I continue to use it.

With my own penchant for sci-fi, this process is made easier and more attractive a session for me. If you are unfamiliar with themes and images that occur in sci-fi films and TV shows, then you’ll need to imagine holographic images and control panels which if you have no previous reference of, you can simply invent and create in your own imagination.

Here we are going to use hypnosis, go into space and make some changes while there. The drifting into space is part of inherently altering perspective, which is important when attempting to change or update your internal perspective of your own body. It’ll help introduce a new sense of identity and make it easier for you to make changes when you are engaging in a particular exercise or dietary regime looking to reduce weight or change your body shape.

You are going to love this session.

Your body will love it too as it begins to transform shape when using this track.


TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR APPETITEThis is another audio session that I put together by popular demand when asked by followers of my work to offer up some tools to deal with excessive eating at Christmas time.

At the festive time of year, my diary fills up with Christmas celebrations that seem to start earlier each year.

The TV advertisements are filled with roasted turkeys and nibbles to ensure anyone and everyone is giving in to temptation and needing to pop open the top button of our trousers following the gorging.

I think we all know what happens during the eating festive season, don’t we? The more we eat, the more comfortable we get eating more and the more hungry we seem to get to stuff our faces even more!
A LOT of MORES in that sentence!!

This amazing hypnosis session is a rather simple and classic hypnotherapy process for helping anyone to maintain their ability to control their appetite and turn down any seeming ‘need’ to gorge. The bonus is that if you manage to reign things in you won’t arrive in January looking like you borrowed your trousers from UK X-Factor reject Frankie Cocozza. (For those of you not familiar, google some images of him and his incredibly tight trousers and you’ll understand what I mean)

This process is not exclusive to the festive season of course…

It is for anyone who wants to take control of their appetite. We all know what will happen if we eat too much; more than our physical needs and more than is healthy. Sometimes it can be as simple as learning how to handle our appetite.

This hypnosis session gets you tuned in to your real hunger and gets you acquainted again with your bodies real indication of what your appetite is and where it is at. Once you have used this session a few times, you start to develop a genuine sense ‘hunger tuning’ and of control which you can process outside of hypnosis You will be able to turn down the perceived hunger and put your appetite back on the track it should be.

For many, this is a revelation – learning to simply and healthily get in control of your own hunger and appetite.

Ideally, you want to get to the stage whereby you only eat when your body knows it is right to do so and that you really think about eating rather than just eating for the sake of it; and without bothering to check out mentally how your appetite actually is. Modern life does seem to find us becoming wildly removed from what our true appetite and hunger tells us – with this hypnosis track, you simply learn to control it, understand it and turn your appetite down if need be!

We do tend to lose track of what our appetite actually is and when we re-learn how to gauge it well, it is a brilliant way to control our weight and eating habits.

This hypnosis track shows you how to do just that.