Blocking Pain Messages to the Brain

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Blocking Pain Using Self-Hypnosis

One of the chapters of my latest self-hypnosis book is showing people how to use self-hypnosis to alleviate pain. This hypnosis audio track gives you and shows one such technique to help do that, however, the track incorporates a number of other key processes too – for helping build anaesthesia and switch of pain, for a healthy period of time, it blocks pain responses.

There is a very good evidence base to support the use of hypnosis to alleviate pain and there are a very wide number of ways to use hypnosis to overcome or reduce pain; this track combines some key techniques to help you derive the most gain. You’ll need to practice this process, which will advance and enhance the effects of this process.

A point that I make to anyone and everyone regarding using hypnosis to alleviate pain, is that you must not attempt to alleviate the pain for any longer than a typical pain killing tablet would last for and you must consult with your doctor regarding pain – do not simply use hypnosis techniques to block out pain and ignore it. Pain is there for a reason and requires a medical professional to examine it before you do anything else.

Then, when you wish to use hypnosis to block pain for a limited period of time… Enjoy this track, it’ll work wonders!


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