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Blood Pressure Control

Two hypnosis sessions are included in this Memory Hypnosis Download:-   Reduce High Blood Pressure and Treat Hypertension  |  Taking Control and Lowering High Blood Pressure

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Two hypnosis sessions are included in this Memory Hypnosis Download:-

Reduce High Blood Pressure and Treat Hypertension

At the time of putting this audio session together, I had been on prescription medicines and told to rest while I recovered from an ongoing throat and chest infection. I had been resting and getting plenty of sleep and also eating much more than usual!

When having dinner with a friend, he told me that he was not able to partake in so much red wine and hearty dessert and other related gluttony during dinner as his father had recently had a heart attack and so they were supporting him by eating healthily and he was concerned about his own possible genetic predisposition to similar issues.

Those of you that read my ezine regularly will know that last year my business partner and good friend Keith had a heart attack and we were incredibly worried. He has since been working hard on his physical activity and has regular visits to the hospital for his check ups and monitoring.

At that time I began researching the extent to which hypnosis can help reduce high blood pressure and a number of various other applications of hypnosis to help heart related issues. In this hypnosis audio track, I’ll be incorporating hypnosis and other techniques and strategies to help with this, as a result of my own findings.

There are a number of very impressive studies that show hypnosis as a great tool for treating hypertension and helping to lower blood pressure.

Back in 1977 Friedman and Taub conducted a study entitled The use of hypnosis and biofeedback procedures for essential hypertension and was published in the International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis, 25: 335-347 and biofeedback, hypnosis and control groups were measured for effectiveness in lowering DBP (diastolic blood pressure). Biofeedback and hypnosis only showed significant reduction in DBP, with hypnosis having the best results. 

When you examine the literature, hypnosis is seen to be a technique that fairly consistently can be used to lower blood pressure of people with hypertension.

Other interesting studies to take a look at for those interested, is that of Borckhardt (2002) entitled A case study examining the efficacy of a multi-modal psychotherapeutic intervention for hypertension again featured in the International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis 50: 114-148. Also, a study by Sletvold, Jensen and Gotestam (1990) entitled The effect of specific hypnotic suggestions on blood pressure in normotensive subjects published in the Pavlovian Journal of Biological Science, 25: 20-24.

There are a number of other impressive studies too, but as I seem to write often, there are still not enough! Those of us in the hypnotherapy field would love to see more studies and research to support this kind of application of hypnosis for helping to lower blood pressure.

With this in mind, this hypnosis audio session is one using mental imagery and hypnosis to reduce high blood pressure and relieve hypertension. I hope you enjoy it greatly.

Taking Control and Lowering High Blood Pressure

This hypnosis audio track is aimed at lowering high blood pressure.

There are a number of applications of hypnosis that I have used throughout the years to demonstrate the power of the mind over body that have involved the control of blood flow. For example, when I have had people use hypnosis for pain relief, in particular when a glove anaesthesia process is employed, the arm that the client has imagined to be encased in ice (for subsequent anaesthesia purposes) is noticeably more pale as the blood has drained away, it feels cooler to touch and is a very visual and obvious means of seeing the body respond to the mind, imagination and hypnosis suggestion.

Likewise, blood perfusion is often done with hypnosis – that is, the process of mobilising blood into other parts of the body.

When I have demonstrated analgesia and/or anaesthesia using hypnosis and put a pin through someone’s arm, suggestions can be given that when the pin is taken out, the slight bleeding only happens in one of holes made on the pins exit – and it happens. It is amazing to see.

So certainly, having seen so much of this, it seems natural to me that hypnosis can and should be used for great effect in the process of lowering and reducing high blood pressure. Many of the principles seen and utilised in some of my previous clients are therefore utilized in theory within this hypnosis audio session.

This is a fabulous process, and I hope you enjoy it and notice the difference it makes when practiced with regularity.