Classic Hypnotic Bubble

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The Classic Hypnotic Bubble

I think we’d all agree it is a truly wonderful sensation to feel safe and secure in one’s own body and in one’s own life.

Many people in a wide variety of aspects of life benefit from the kind of thing that is offered up in this hypnosis track. What I mean is, it is not exclusively the territory of someone who is in therapy, for example. This kind of process is one that looks to build secure boundaries and enhance decision making. It lends itself wonderfully well to these things and is therefore a great way for a hypnotherapist to start sessions with a client, for example. However, it can be adapted to suit a wide variety of issues and has a number of applications.

I have written before and there is an individual hypnosis session available in the store here for creating a protective shield aimed at protecting you from aspects of life that might upset your state or cause discomfort, and this type of process is not a million miles away from that.

In my experience and evident in the work of most of the trainers I have worked with, and through my studies over the years, many clients respond better to therapeutic intervention when they feel safe, secure and in control. Lots of myths that surround the field of hypnosis and hypnotherapy do tend to inhibit this if the client is not educated about the hypnotic process, then this can detrimentally effect the results you might hope to achieve with a client. Heck, this hypnosis session is not about how to develop trust and rapport et al. You can read about that aplenty elsewhere on this website as well as other places.

This kind of process helps a client to feel safe in life and within the therapeutic environment.

I have adapted this process for use within a hypnosis audio track and it sit he kind of thing I use in therapy sessions with clients and make much use of myself. This track helps you build a protective bubble around yourself and when you are safe and secure within it, it guides you to create boundaries for your life and helps you to enhance how you make decisions throughout your life also.  Enjoy!


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