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Commitment: Hypnosis To Help You Commit to What You Want!

With this hypnosis audio track, I want to share with you the process that I use to instigate that commitment. See the detail below to get the point I am trying to make.  It will make you realise that you can make it happen!

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Commitment: Hypnosis To Help You Commit to What You Want!

Background to Hynosis Session Recorded by Adam Eason:

Let me tell you something.

My Adam Up Ezine

For over a decade now, once a week, I switch off emails, I unplug my office phone, I put my mobile into ‘airplane mode’ and I write my weekly ezine.

It is more than just writing. Often the article starts as an idea I have when running, that I’ll scribble down when I get back. Over the next few day I deliver the topic further. When I decide on the  central theme or topic I research it. There may be something that has piqued my interest in a blog I have read or in a book, or that has featured in some kind of headline or research paper, then I have to research and get a rough idea of the framework that it’ll adhere to that week. It also needs a tone; sometimes that’ll be light or at times serious.  The important thing is that it always has my voice, my own unique style that makes it what it is.

Once I have done my diligence, I then need to add some substance.  i make reference to the evidence base, so more research will need to be done. Or I am creative and formulate a process to offer my readers.  Or I share an opinion that I feel strongly about. Other times I simply share an opinion or something that I feel strongly about.  Or it can be a combination ot the things above.

In early 2015, as my colleague Keith announced while I was away teaching in London, was our 500th edition of the Adam Up ezine.

The Commitment To Producing The Ezine

That ezine is a place where I share articles that have taken a lot of effort, commitment of time, and have my heart in them.   They are articles that I want to share and that I put out there to my regular readers in the real hope that at least one person applies and develops changes.   makes a shift in their life or just smiles more than usual that day.

It is a place where I sometimes bear my soul, where I share some intimate aspects of myself at times, where I share my opinions and sometimes leave myself open. It is also a way of being able to advise all those who follow my work of where we are at as a company, what we are doing, and we get to communicate our plans, our ethos, our thoughts and so much more with those who have chosen to read it each week.

There are tens of thousands of people subscribed to my ezine. We have now written many more than 500 editions and it is something that Keith and I are both very committed to.

Every week without fail, we get it out there, written and published. It is just something we do, automatically. It is part of our routine. There have been times when it felt like something I had to do. Other times when it is something I truly wanted to do. That illustrates what this audio track is all about. In this hypnosis audio track, I am sharing something I believe to be fundamentally important to each and every persons success in living a life that is satisfactory – commitment.

The Hat Over The Wall Story

When I put this track together, I listened to an audio track on this very subject, where a coach, speaker and author told a story.

Two friends were walking together through some fields when they came to a high wall.
The wall stretched as far as they could see in both directions.
As they were talking about what to do in this impassable situation one of the men takes off his favourite hat and throws it over the wall.
The other looks at him and says “why did you do that – that was your favourite hat, it means so much to you” to which his friend responds “now we’re going to HAVE to find a way over that wall.”  

That man was not going home without his hat. He had to find a way over the wall. He committed himself to it. Similar to stories of ancient armies landing their ships and then burning them so that they had to win the battle.

A Classic Question  – What Would Your Do If You Had to?

A classic question that gets asked in therapy and when coaching clients as well as in personal development circles is this – what would you do if you had to?

I recall struggling with a client who was seeing me for weight reduction some years ago.

She was not doing any of the tasks I asked her to complete each week, and she behaved as if she was not taking responsibility for the therapy.  She was expecting to simply sit there and have hypnotherapy, and that the hypnosis sessions would make her and enable her to lose weight while being passive, and not making an effort. This was regardless of how many times I explained the way hypnosis actually worked.

I was on the verge of telling her that I was not going to be able to help her any further when I asked her this question. In a slightly different format I asked her, “If Richard Branson came into this room today and offered you £10,000,000.00 (ten million pounds) in return for you reducing your weight by a stone in the next 6 weeks, what would you do?”

She immediately imagined being there in that situation (which I had asked her to do).

She told me she’d do it, she’d reduce her weight, no problem.

I said

  • but what about finding the time?
  • What about the influences at work?
  • What about feeding your children?
  • What about you not enjoying exercise?
  • All the things you’ve been telling me about for the past 3 weeks that have prevented you from doing what I’ve asked you to do?”

She smiled, knowingly.

We then worked out ways of her doing everything I had previously asked and then she started being committed to the process.

She reduced her weight substantially.

As a parent, if someone asks you-

“will you always be able to feed your child?”  “Yes!” will be the reply

“What if you lost your job?”

“I’d find another one”

“What if there are no jobs available?”

“I’d find a way!”

This conversation could put up a million objections and challenges, but that person would still insist that they would be able to feed their child. They just know it. They have a mindset to it, they are committed to it.

I am commited to writing weekly. It gets done. Well over 500 editions.

Whether this is success in life, in relationships, your career, your own business success, do you really treat your goals and desired outcomes in the way that you truly know you are committed to?

If not, then perhaps you need to start thinking about how to truly commit yourself to it. To taking action and doing what has to be done.

You see, we have metaphorically compartmentalised aspects of our life in our brain. We have wired things up a certain way. We have many things we are interested in. We have many things we’d like to do. But the commitment is sometimes missing. Those things that are not being achieved have not been put in the same place of the brain as “feeding my child” or “writing my ezine” or anything else that we truly have committed to.

With this hypnosis audio track, I want to share with you the process that I use to instigate that commitment. The foundation that you can then build upon as you create a life for yourself, achieving things with a real sense of commitment.

Enjoy becoming committed.