Coping To Mastery

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Coping to Mastery

On the plane journey on my way to a recent holiday, some good friends were o the same flight as us and they were enjoying having their young daughter on a plane with them for the first time… many might be worried about such a thing, not these guys… They were all excited and happy about the prospect as we waited in the airport and then when the plane took off, she was interested, excited, and thoroughly loved the experience in its entirety, all the way laughing while we landed.

There was much preparation that went on for this to happen… They did not know consciously or really choose to do what they did, but they joked about how they pointed at planes in the sky and talked about being on one of those, when they played in the garden. They imagined and played games imagining being on planes and got a marvelously good level of comfortable mental association and it all panned out perfectly.

That is what this session is all about.

Most of the people that come to see me for therapy have learned somewhere along the line to cope in some way with their issues… They have not mastered dealing with the issue, otherwise they would not need to see me. Here, I offer you a process that allows anyone to move from coping to mastering just by using the power of your mind, so that you can metaphorically be flying without a care too.
Enjoy this!


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