Creating A Happiness Filter To Elevate Mood

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Creating A Happiness Filter To Elevate Mood

My Nana used to tell me that there was a lady in the village who wore rose tinted spectacles so whenever we visited them and went into the village or the neighbouring town, I was always looking out for elderly women with glasses that had roses on them… I never saw them, but imagine exactly what I thought they’d be like.

Later on in life, of course I got to know what she actually meant. That there are some people out there who perceive the world in a particular way. I got the impression that my Nana and perhaps lots of other people tend to think that at times this could be a bad thing, or at the very least, it is unrealistic. I get that.

Yet I also think it is very useful to reflect on our lives in a progressive and positive way.

When you look at people who are unhappy or down in the dumps or even depressed, they do tend to perceive the world in a way that reminds them of all they have to be unhappy about. Often people reflect on their life and see only the things they consider to be bad or unpleasant.

There is a well documented and much used process of journaling that therapists often recommend that involves an individual writing in their journal before they go to bed at night, and listing 3-5 things in their day that made them happy.

What this does is points the mind at the stuff that is considered good, laudible and allows us to filter our experience in a way that helps make us happier. Forsome people this is what they need – to take a period of time out each day and don some rose tinted spectacles as they look at their day…. Then after a couple of weeks of doing this, getting into the habit of doing such, it starts to have a generalizing, happiness-inducing effect that I think many people can benefit greatly from.

So this hypnosis session has been created with this kind of thing in mind, and is simply doing that process of filtering, but using hypnosis to reflect and filter and as a result, we get to amplify the good feelings and focus in a deeper manner.

This hypnosis session undoubtedly effects the way you perceive the world around you, the way you perceive yourself and has you looking back on each day with a sense of joy that ensures you feel good more of the time.


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