Creating Your Superhero Alter-Ego Using Hypnosis To Boost Confidence


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Boosting Confidence With Self-Hypnosis

This hypnosis audio track contains a process that I use in my therapy rooms a great deal with both children and adults.
It would probably have made more sense to simply refer to “a process that I use with my clients,” but it was something that I mainly used with children for a number of years and the theme is one that children love and really respond well to.
As I have got older, I have found it increasingly more important for me and my adult clients to reconnect with many child-like qualities and so the more I use this type of strategy with my adult clients as a result. They love it. 

With this track, we create a confidence boosting superhero alter-ego!

You then adopt that alter-ego and apply it therapeutically to boost confidence in yourself. We use hypnosis to do so as hypnosis is proven to advance the quality of mental imagery, advance the level of belief we invest in that imagery and helps makes it more convincing when combined with other evidence-based interventions such as cognitive behaviour therapy.
You may well have read about famous actors who adopted their acting roles so well that they felt the same emotions that their characters were portraying. The famous ‘method acting’ technique, for example, shows that when someone is really adopting a role, they can often be so immersed in that role that they take on those characteristics, can shed real tears and adopt the mindset of the character. Therefore, with this track when we choose to create our confident superhero alter-ego, we don’t want to just think it, we want to truly adopt the role to make it as real and impactful upon our life as possible. Hypnosis makes that happen. 
There are occasions in life when it is beneficial to be true to ourselves and who we are, however, we can reinvent who we are and truly be in charge of our lives too. When we truly are in control of our life, we can choose who we are and dictate it without being passive to old programming. Sometimes people continue being a certain way because they think that is who they are; they believe their personality is set in stone.
On the contrary, a recent study even shows that when it comes to boosting confidence, we can go as far as to deceive ourselves about it to help boost it! The study suggests that self-deception is a natural evolutionary trait. Therefore, the classic notion of “fake it till you make it,” applies here and it is proven to help develop confidence.
This evidence based process is going to help you boost your confidence greatly and stimulate your imagination wonderfully, enjoy! 


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