Curb Food Cravings


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Curb Food Cravings

At the time of putting this hypnosis session together, it was in response to the festive season that was drawing ever nearer… Christmas seems to start mid October these days! The Christmas advertisements go on the television, shop fronts are covered in sparkly adornments and of course, we start reaching for those bigger trousers as our waist lines start to increase due to the scoffing that goes on at this time of year.

You should see the winter time mugs of hot chocolate that my wife Katie makes when we go to the Beach Hut at this time of year when the sun shines. All wrapped up watching the sea, the quiet beach, a stark contrast to the hustle and bustle of Summer… Katie fills the mugs with hot chocolate, topped with cream and brimming over with marshmallows…

Then out comes all the rest…

Mince pies; Mulled wine; Turkey feasts with roast potatoes and those delicious ‘pigs in blankets’ (sausages wrapped in bacon). There is chocolate of every denomination. Huge hams. Slabs of smoked salmon. It is the only time of year I eat dates and sugared almonds! There are snacks and nibbles that accompany every get together… ADD to that the booze!!… We have boozy snowballs which is Cava with Advocaat, not to mention that we get a barrel of real ale in and enough wines and spirits to get an army inebriated!

It wears me out just thinking about it.

I recently wrote about this on my blog – a problem is created when we eat to excess. The more we eat, the more our mind and body wants to eat. When we eat to excess, especially loads of simple carbs and refined sugars, and then when we sleep less during party season and drink too much, general fatigue also contributes to us eating more.

Then we start craving stuff. We crave and are only satiated when we are stuffed full and snoozing again. The cycle continues and takes all our might with our new years resolutions to get us on the straight and narrow again.

I get asked repeatedly about how to deal with cravings.

The real answer is all about eating and drinking in such a way as to ensure cravings do not occur in the first place.

Yeah right!!! – BUT…

But there is a problem as people don’t want to hear that stuff. They always tell me that they know they should have eaten a particular way in the first place…

So today I am NOT going to be writing about that stuff.

So the next best thing, is to have a process aimed at dealing with cravings as they occur. Of course, this kind of process is not limited to the festive season, if there is a particular food or drink that you know you need to control your hankerings for, then this hypnosis session is for you. You practice this process and listen to the audio for a few times and then you’ll have a tool to use in real life situations to deal with cravings of any kind at any time.


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