Dissolve Anger


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Dissolve Anger

I wrote this a few weeks before I got married… And the weekend just gone was my stag celebration… And boy what an event.

I was dressed up. I went in the sea naked at 10.30am. I had people writing their names on my backside in lipstick. I captained the ferry we were on and drove it. I made friends everywhere we went. We arm-wrestled an 87-year-old lady. Had our pictures taken behind the bar. Did break dancing in rather inappropriate places. I wrestled in a pub car park with a 6’7″ man who looked like ‘Giant Haystacks’and all in all a fairly crazy time was had. I had a ball and am still laughing about it today.


When Katie got back from her hen weekend, I found out that one of her girlfriends had treated her very unpleasantly during her weekend and she was upset deeply by it. I was so angry that she was treated so carelessly and childishly… I know that anger does not ever help make things better, so I curbed it. I simply gave Katie all my love and we moved on knowing how happy we are and focusing on all that is good in our lives and focusing on the people that made us happy.

It is that subject, the volatile topic of anger that this hypnosis session is all about.

In most cases, anger is an overreaction to a situation. It is a primary, raw, negative emotion, anger influences the entire person and how that person successfully reacts to his or her environment. It is often all-encompassing and can ensure that we act and react in ways that we may later regret.

When someone is in a chronically angry state, that anger is usually excessive and irrational. They display impatience, constant hurrying, a sense of time urgency; it is a self-centred behaviour, often accompanied by verbal aggression, and hostility. Sometimes though, anger may be buried and not something an individual is consciously aware of and as it boils away underneath the surface can add to depression and resentment in many aspects of life.

We all tend to know that these days, we get physically affected by our emotions and especially intense feelings we experience.

The body reacts to anger by increasing respiratory rate, pulse rate, and blood to the muscles that move the body’s bones. It also constricts the pupils of the eyes, and pumps out hormones from the adrenal gland. It is quite an assault to the system.

Anger should be experienced, expressed and acknowledged, in order to let go of it and the conflict it was connected with. It should not inhabit the mind for any extended period of time however. The best way to deal with anger is to recognise and deal with it in a positive way. Positive ways to deal with anger could include taking responsibility for behaviour, negotiating with people, taking time out, and hitting a punching bag or a pillow. I strongly advise not to drink alcohol as a coping tool and to remember that negative emotional displays are not in your best interest!

The professional psychological approach usually deals with chronic anger in one of the following ways: The projection method helps the individual recognise how the anger is being used as an ego defence mechanism to deny the unconscious root of the anger.

The behavioural approach explores practical ways to avoid people and situations that make one angry. The interpersonal approach focuses on developing communication skills to improve relationships with others. The cognitive approach helps to find and correct the distortion of your ideas about life and other people. There are many approaches! I don’t really want to get bogged down with these approaches here…

Anger is always negative and is a choice. By learning to acknowledge and then release anger, you open yourself up to change and renewal, and you can lead a happier life.

Hypnosis can and does aid anger. So with this hypnosis session, I am offering you some amazingly powerful strategies that are used to diffuse and let go of anger before and when it gets out of perspective… This is a highly recommended simple hypnosis session.


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