Drifting Back To Sleep

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Drifting Back To Sleep

One of the big issues I have found with people who have trouble with their sleep patterns and habits, is that if they wake in the night, their thoughts prevent them from getting back to sleep.

There are a number of techniques and strategies that can help deal with such, including using hypnosis, relaxation skills, dissociation methods, and mindfulness processes – which are all used within this hypnosis track to help you drift back to sleep without any further fuss.

With this hypnosis audio track, I have shared a brilliantly effective technique for dealing with such occasions when you awake and wish to drift back to sleep with ease. This process shows you how to dissociate from the constant flow of unwanted thoughts and thereby stop those thoughts from having a physiological effect upon you. You can then relax and get back to sleep much more easily.

You see, often there is a degree of resistance that creates more of a problem. For example, when someone panics, they are medically safe to all intents and purposes (though the behaviour that accompanies panic can cause a potential problem!) – if they were to step back and let the panic happen, without resistance, it would subside. What fuels it, are the thoughts, fears, worries and realistic imagery inside the head, all combining.

So with this process, we learn to step back, let the thoughts just happen without resisting them, without fighting them and dissociate from the thoughts. Throughout the audio session, you then leave a relaxed body behind the thoughts that gradually desist.

Incorporating a number of highly effective therapeutic processes, you are going to enjoy getting back to sleep with this audio track.

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