Ecstasy Sex (audio)

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Ecstasy Sex (audio)

  • Learn the difference between Eastern/Western sex
  • Maximize the results of your sexual experimentation
  • Learn how to achieveĀ whole body orgasm

Many folk are intrigued by the idea that throughout history various civilisations have treated sex as a work of art.

Eastern Cultures in particular have developed Tantrio sex practices which claim to take people to higher planes of spiritual awareness and consciousness as well as giving the ultimate, exquisite pleasure that the human body is capable of.

Jan has the happy knack of making complex issues user-friendly and easily understandable and on this audio recording she describes the essential elements of the philosophy of Eastern Sex.

Jan then describes processes which are prerequisites to exploring the maximum boundaries of your sexual potential.

You’ll first learn how to awaken your inner lover, then how to maximise your sensations during sex rather than just strive for orgasm, with the Sensory Awakening Ritual.

You’ll find out how to create a sacred space for you and your lover to experience delicious and trusting sex and how to do a melting hug, the dancing gods ritual and the Yin/Yang game.

Finally you’ll be encouraged to experience the blissful sex that comes from learning how to harness the power of the breath and power of the sexual energy in the body beyond just the genital that’s obvious to us Westerners.


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