Eliminate (Latent) Anger: The Anger TV


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Eliminate (Latent) Anger: The Anger TV

Following on from an ezine article I wrote a while back about dealing with anger, I got such a wonderful response from readers about the process and also a great deal of questions. In the follow up one of the discussions focused on the difference between anger being experienced in the here and now and what is often referred to an ‘latent’ anger which sits below our awareness to a degree and influences and affects us more subtly than the obvious outward outbursts of red-mist anger. 

Several people asked me about a good technique for dealing with this latent type of anger and though my advice is always that such an issue warrants much more depth with a qualified professional to deal with properly, there are a number of things an individual can do to deal with it. One very powerful hypnosis process is what I am sharing with you here in this hypnosis track.

Television sets and screens of varying natures have been used for many decades and continue to be a frequently used metaphoric tool within the world of therapy, personal development and self-improvement, and they are an inherent part of the lives of many of us in the Western world and most people respond to them and understand them. We are going to use a television as a metaphor to help us within this hypnosis technique.

This process does involve imagining some lightly flashing and flickering types of imagery, and if you have a condition or disposition that is unsuited or if you are usually recommended to avoid flashing lights for any reason, then I also advise that you do not use this technique.

This process has been proven time and again to help people to let go of latent anger and make an amazing difference to their lives – it is a profound session that I am certain you’ll benefit from greatly.


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