Ending the Roller Coaster and Achieving Some Balance


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Ending the Roller Coaster and Achieving Some Balance

It has been great having Keith back at the helm following his recent health scare and he was touched by the number of emails and messages that he has received since writing about the experience in a recent Adam Up. Keith’s wife had to stop him from heading off to play badminton and he has been getting right royally stuck in as far as our business goes here… So he is recovering mightily well.

Life is full of ups and downs isn’t it?

Some people love roller coasters. I know I do. Ever since visiting Disney World as a young boy on a family holiday and going on the ‘Thunder Mountain Railway’ ride…

I also associate so many funny things with Roller Coasters; hilarious experiences with friends; and that video clip of the cub scout group who wrote to the BBC’s ‘Jim’ll Fix It’ programme in the 1980s and asked to eat their packed lunches on a roller coaster… Very funny stuff.

Even though so many people love roller coasters, there are others who dread them and even some who fear them, and many people talk and write about the similarity between, and the fine line dividing, fear and excitement.

Roller coasters are also used as a metaphor and a way of describing life. For many, the human condition is like a roller coaster, isn’t it? I mean, one minute we can feel high and happy and pleased, and the next we might feel annoyed, frustrated or fed up.

For many, it is just accepted as the way of things, and it is a rare individual who is able to achieve real balance as far as life, emotions and the human condition are concerned.

I think we can help reign in the roller coaster effect of life and actually create some balance, especially if that is what we want and what we’d prefer.

The fact that we have little control over the roller coaster ride is sometimes mirrored in some of life’s circumstances and situations too, isn’t it? We feel like life is doing stuff to us, instead of us actually cracking on with it and at it. It is similar to the difference of being the driver of a car and the passenger.

With this hypnosis session, I am offering up a process that is aimed at eliminating a period of roller coaster-like symptoms or issues and get you feeling balanced, at ease and in control of life. All of us benefit from being in the drivers seat of our own life, and this session ensures you’ll feel absolutely in control of your own life and help you to feel balanced and at ease, even in the face of turbulent times.


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