Enhanced Mental Calmness and Clarity Of Thought


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Enhanced Mental Calmness and Clarity Of Thought

When I put this audio track together, we had bonfire night, or fireworks night, or the remembrance of when Guy Fawkes unsuccessfully attempted to blow up the Houses of Parliament, or whatever other name it is called. It is a marvellous celebration here in the UK and I do love watching fireworks.

I have a slight gripe though which is that; aside from the impressive displays that go on organised in public places for large numbers to watch, lots of neighbours now also let off loads of fireworks, late into the night and without any prior warning… Which is a problem for our cat, who gets terrified by them.

That said, our cat deals with it all in a very intelligent manner. He finds a spot behind the sofa, sits there calmly and waits for the fireworks to end before he decides to go about his business of being a cat when the furore, noise and flashing lights are all over.

What an inspiration. 😉 In fact I am going to suggest here that maybe you should be a copycat – 🙂

Sometimes life gets a bit like that and I see a metaphor here with some parallels to be drawn…
I think it is best summed up by Rudyard Kipling, in the brilliant poem If:

If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you;

I made a joke on my hypnotherapy diploma course recently when someone questioned something I said (I mean, how dare they not treat me like a sanctimonious dictator who is clearly always right and knows best!) because after asking her question, she attempted to get others to join in and agree to support her argument. We had a lot of fun discussing it and very often, when someone really believes in something strongly, those in close proximity get drawn in without needing to be asked.

Look at big sporting events where the team supporters all rise up in protest of something in unison, for example. The penalty claim draws a crowd reaction. There are many other similar examples.

In life, often if a crisis ensues, some people react in a particular way and others automatically respond to the contagious state of mind, or develop the same feelings and all hell can be unleashed upon the world. The riots here in the UK this summer was a reminder of how others can easily be drawn dangerously into something they would not normally respond to.

Sometimes, we need to be able to find ourselves a protected spot and make intelligent decisions and react in our own way rather than being dragged in to feeling and responding according to that of others.. But rather than sitting behind the sofa next to a lovely warm radiator as my cat does, I want to help equip you with a process that enables you to do that in your own mind.

This is not just about protecting yourself from the feelings of others and joining in, and thus having your own genuine personal response. It is also about keeping calm and maintaining a progressive mindset in all kinds of life’s circumstances… And what better way to demonstrate how to do this, than to use fireworks?

This hypnosis session teaches you how to maintain clarity of thought in any situation, as long as it is healthy and useful for you and your life. It teaches you how to develop a deep level of mental calmness which all of us need from time to time. Enjoy it.


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