Enhancing Relationships: Listen With Hypnotic Attentiveness And Genuine Interest.

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Enhancing Relationships: Listen With Hypnotic Attentiveness And Genuine Interest.

When I talk about relationships in general, I like to mention a few things first…
In the earlier days of my career as a hypnotherapist, many people used to ask me if I had plans to create and put together hypnosis tracks or a programme to help enhance their relationships and I tended to give a fairly stock reply when I responded in the negative to the question.
My stock reply was that I had struggled with relationships myself, not found someone I had felt capable of committing any substantial part of my life to and despite having encountered a number of relationships, I had not deemed any of them to have been particular successful. Who was I to therefore advise on how to have effective relationships?
I had many great friendships and professional relationships, just not the kind of personal relationships people were asking me about. Maybe I could have suggested that my listeners do as I say, not as I do, but that felt disingenuous, so I never wrote about it or really worked with relationships a great deal.

Growing stronger through adversity

However… Just as I had finished reading Osho’s book on the art of aloneness, I met the woman who was to be my wife. She became my wife, and we have had several years of what I consider to be a truly remarkable and wonderful relationship; a marriage that has already had to endure some incredible challenges that we have overcome together. Some of the things we encountered may have pulled people apart, however, we have grown stronger and share something that only the two of us truly appreciate.
We have a lot of joy, laughter, mutual respect, support and know each other incredibly well.
At the time of writing this, it was our wedding anniversary and as we celebrated another year together and look toward many more years of happiness, I have started to feel much better equipped to offer up techniques and strategies for helping others with enhancing their relationships. The requests have continued and so I am finally yielding to such requests and several hypnosis tracks on offer here are going to be showcasing ways of using hypnosis to help advance ourselves to subsequently enhance our relationships.
Note that I said “advance ourselves” because we can only really be fully in control of ourselves within our relationships.

Advance your relationships by improving your listening skills

There is that often used expression that we should all use our ears and mouth with the same relation to how many we have of them… Two ears and one mouth meaning we ought to listen twice as much as we speak.
Lots of people say that they feel better after a good talk, or as a result of venting and processing what is on their mind. Others often say that they feel unheard or not listened to, or what they say does not seem important to those close to them…
 Many relationship experts that I have encountered state that a bedrock and foundation of a healthy relationship is one whereby each person in the relationship feels as if they are heard and listened to by their partner.
So with this audio track using hypnosis to advance our relationships, you learn how to listen really effectively to advance your relationships

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