Fear Into Power


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Fear Into Power

F.E.A.R. What a word.

Many people allow themselves to be debilitated by fear… And they allow the fear to hold them back in many areas of life without ever even realising it. They are scared of certain outcomes, scared of failure, scared of humiliation… And their brain makes it go wild and fantastical and increases the fear.
With this session, I want to show you how to turn fear into power and strength.

Within the fields of modern personal development, a phenomenon known as anchors is talked about a great deal. We have anchored responses to all sorts of things, like when we see the new trainers we bought at Christmas, we start feeling guilty for not running in them since the first week of January.

Or when we smell the coolness of the air (it has been snowing here in the UK and the freezing air has a real particular smell to it) it reminds of us when we went skiing… Or when we see an old friend, we go all warm inside and smile or even laugh as we connect them to lots of good times in our lives. These are all anchored responses that occur in our lives.

Many of us have even more negative anchors too. Like guilt associated with spending time caring for oneself… Or fear associated with approaching someone with a view to dating, or starting a relationship. And that fear is unattractive and can be sensed and is communicated to the world and makes it even harder for us to be perceived as attractive by the people we want to.

So with this session, I want us to start turning old fears into empowerment. You can use this for any circumstance that in the past used to make you feel fearful. You are going to love the freedom you feel following this!


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