First Aid For A Bad Mood! Hypnosis To Get Into A Great Mood

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First Aid For A Bad Mood! Hypnosis To Get Into A Great Mood

Sometimes we don’t need to go for a deep, lengthy therapeutic procedure. Sometimes we just want to give ourselves a lift, especially if we have been in a bad mood for a while, or maybe been subjected to a number of problems in our life that have made it seem difficult to snap into a great mood, or perhaps we’ve been ignoring good stuff or felt that there has not been a lot to get excited about… Well this hypnosis session is absolutely for just getting a pep up; a thorough mood advancement process.

The reason I refer to it being ‘first aid’ for a bad mood is because it deals with symptoms of a bad mood.

I can remember being at an NLP training watching Richard Bandler on stage presenting and he suggested that we all force a smile on our faces three times in succession and to observe closely what happened within us. All those of us that did it felt better and got a shot of well-being, though it varied in intensity. It was a great way to alter mood. It actually started me off with a fit of giggles at the time and just thinkingabout that experience continues to make me smile.

Likewise, when I think of Frank Spencer or Tommy Cooper and their hilarious facial expressions in their comedy routines and old TV shows, I get a shot of humour and joy in my head that advances my mood for sure… I am also one of those people who laughs at comedy shows where there is some misfortune experienced, so I laugh at facial expressions of disgust or failure sometimes too.

Then there are funny sounds. I think most boys find whoopied cushions hilarious and therefore farting sounds make them laugh, but there are many things that are considered hilarious by us all when we hear them or imahine hearing them. The classic circus clowns music or the Benny Hill theme tune also seem to be the kinds of sounds that are impossible to maintain feelings of misery when they are playing and make me smile.

So if all that stuff can help you feel better, and offer up some first aid for a dip in mood, then why not combine it all?

I have compiled a number of those processes and combined them with hypnosis as a means of generating a great mood. It does not have to be used only if you have a bad mood, it can be used as a pick-me-up or a booster of some kind too. I am certain you’ll emerge from this hypnosis session with a beaming smile on your face!


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