Freedom For Unwanted Compulsive Behaviour


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Freedom For Unwanted Compulsive Behaviour

When I was young, one of my best friends at school, a very close friend of mine got caught smoking. This was a cardinal sin. As a means to put an end to this flirting with the tobacco weed, his Dad sat him down and handed him a packet of 20 cigarettes.

Puzzled, my friend was not sure what to do… His Dad instructed him to open the packet. He then handed him a lighter and told him to smoke a cigarette – which he did. They chatted and my friend thought it was great that his Dad had accepted him as a smoker and that he had understood.

As he stubbed out the cigarette and thought this chat was coming to an end. His Dad instructed him to light up another one straight away…. Uh-oh.

He then had to smoke the entire packet, every single cigarette, back to back, until he was green at the gills, coughing, wheezing, and eventually throwing up…

His Dad hoped that this would deter him from ever smoking again.

I bet you know someone with a similar story, don’t you?

Ever meet a drug addict that had a traumatic overdose? There is a similar belief that this somehow scares and educates the mind not do that behaviour again…

I once listened to a music track so much that I ended up transforming my utter love for this song into getting totally bored of it… I mean, it got to the stage where it did not excite me and did not offer up any stimulus anymore… And that is just what we do want!

Let me explain…

I would like to ask you a relatively simple question… many people have compulsive behaviours that they would like to change, especially certain habits that are compulsive… So answer me this, which of the following are compulsive behaviours:

– Someone who smokes 30 cigarettes a day and has done for 40 years.
– Someone who smokes a pack of 10 only at weekends when they go out drinking with friends, has done so for a couple of years.
– Someone who eats 5 bags of crisps in front of the TV every night.
– Someone who eats one chocolate bar at 3pm every afternoon.

… I know that you know the answer here… They are all compulsive behaviours. In psychiatry a compulsion is defined as a drive that causes a person to perform actions, often of a trivial nature and repetitive nature, against his or her will.

Do you have any such compulsions? I bet if you thought about the patterns involved in your daily life you’d notice that you have many. Of course for most of us, our compulsions are fairly non-threatening and innocuous, however some people harbour compulsions that cause problems and they really need to be stopped.

Yet attempting to stop such compulsions can cause us discomfort and so we just keep on comfortably letting them happen.

The field of modern psychology has a wonderful technique for dealing with unwanted compulsive behaviours… Where compulsion’s are literally blown out!

A compulsion is an urge, often irresistible, to behave in a particular manner… And like I already said, it is often against the individuals will… I mean, someone knows that smoking 30 a day is harmful and may want to stop… Someone might know that grabbing two huge cream cakes every day at 1pm when they walk past the bakers is unlikely to help the waistline reduce in size… Yet they carry on doing it…

Compulsions are different to habits. habits can be consciously controlled to some extent, and what’s more there are many habits that are productive and useful, aren’t there? Compulsions however are not within your conscious control… They are dark and sinister and happen as if by some evil force lurking deep within you… And they are all non-productive…

The process that I am offering up with this session desensitises compulsions… Ranging from biting fingernails, to smoking, eating and even obsessing about a partner or the cleanliness of your bathroom… This session enables you to comfortably let go of compulsions.. To banish them from your mind, leaving it clearer and able to use your energy for more productive and progressive aspects of your life… And that is some wonderful feeling.



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