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From Lazy To Driven

This session gets you feeling inspired, to the point where you are inclined to be an inspiration to all the others in your life.

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From Lazy To Driven

MP3 From Lazy To DrivenOn my diploma course earlier this year, I and the delegates were laughing and joking about how back in the 80s and 90s in English pubs, peanuts and other bar snacks were pinned up on a cardboard promotional holder that had a picture of a scantily clad woman on the back and as more bags of peanuts were bought, more of the lady behind them appeared…

How funny and kitsch.

You’ll see why I mention this later on…

I can remember when I lived and studied in Finland when I was younger and I would walk into University and say hi to the other students on my course. Very often they were fed up with the long winter, the lack of sunlight and would all seem so apathetic and lethargic.

Apathy is probably the polite way of referring to what some people might label as laziness and it describes a feeling most of us struggle with at one time or the other.

Suppose you desire to do something that you know you need to do but presently you do not wish to do. And even though you need to do it, or you feel you must do it, because you don’t enjoy doing it, you prevent yourself from doing this particular thing.

We then feel like we are being lazy, we then maybe even feel guilty because we know we should be doing something else and a vicious cycle ensues.

You know what I mean, don’t you?

Often, it becomes easier to not do something that you know you really should be doing, especially when we have feelings of laziness, apathy, or lethargy or just the common blues…

So with this individual hypnosis session, I share with you a great way to start getting yourself going again and giving yourself a good old fashioned shot in the arm using your brain.

Within the field of NLP, Richard Bandler developed what was known as a submodality change pattern that he calls the Godiva Chocolate Pattern that helps you change your feelings from apathy to desire.

Why did I mention the English pubs with their peanuts?

Because the idea was to encourage people to peel away the peanuts, thus spending money buying the peanuts, and stoking the desire and motivation to reveal the picture of the lady behind the peanuts.

Within this session, we peel away the barriers in your mind, helping you to see the desired outcome.


We install lots of desire and motivation so that when the session finishes, you are filled with drive, passion and motivation and laziness is a thing of the past.

This session gets you feeling inspired, to the point where you are inclined to be an inspiration to all the others in your life.

It gets you into desirable states, gets your brain working for you, it helps you have some fun and while starting to truly get things done!

Almost as if you are taking those bags of peanuts off the cardboard to reveal something tantalizing behind – those advertisers were clever – they got their peanuts associated with that image and got a wanton desire to remove them all!

Here we use a similar idea to get your brain supplying you with all the desire and action-filled motivation you need. Enjoy.