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Get Energised – Using Atoms Of Energy

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Get Energised – Using Atoms Of Energy

I was inspired to put this audio track together one year as winter was setting in.
The clues that winter had arrived were plentiful:

  • I was amazed to be up and walking around in the dark. Yes indeed, 6am had become very dark, pitch black, where it had been so light throughout the Summer.
  • I had started wearing warmer clothing to work and to sleep in.
  • I was not running in vests when doing my marathon training anymore.
  • The Summer taps had been turned off at the sea front, so I had to train wearing my big Camelback (brand) backpack which carries two litres of water instead of a single bottle when running.

All indicators that the Summer is over and that Autumn/Winter had arrived.

I have said it before and I’ll say it again, I love the changing seasons here in the UK. They are less severe here on the south coast, but I love watching the scenery change colour and I get excited by the darker evenings just as much as I do when they get lighter in late spring. I love the changes in my own garden… I start planning for the upcoming year, moving shrubs around, choosing what vegetables I’ll grow next year and finishing the harvest from this years crops and goodies.

It all keeps me driven and motivated and moving.

With the change of season, comes the annual new academic year for me,

  • a new group of students on my diploma courses, meaning that I have a very busy time ahead of me.
  • my continued marathon training,
  • my current research studies,
  • new business ventures,
  • busy client schedule,
  • maintaining my marriage to my amazing and supportive wife…

Well, it can leave a man feeling pooped.

Why am I telling you all this?
Well, because this hypnosis session contains a magnificent process that I share with my clients and students when they ask me how I stay so energised, motivated and inspired throughout the year.
This hypnosis track is designed to help you stay healthily energised – using atoms. Boom!

If you want to learn how to maintain healthy and high levels of energy, drive and motivation, then this hypnosis track is going to get you feeling invigorated, full of vigour, zest and those around you will notice the difference nearly as much as you notice the difference in how you feel.

Get energised.
Get uplifted.
Get driven and inspired using your own mind.
This is the tonic – get it in your brain today!