Getting Grounded With Hypnosis


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Getting Grounded with Hypnosis

Well, well, well, what a week I had when I wrote this… I was moving home in a couple of weeks time and I plan never, ever to move again. Ever. It was a torrid affair. Then we moved on to getting removal men in gear and all the stuff that goes with moving into a brand new home. I love our new home, it is beautiful, a place we have dreamed about — yet it was quite an upheaval of a process — you know that though, don’t you?

We were also combining what is supposedly one of the most stressful things to happen in life, with also planning our wedding. Now that took some planning — it was fun and enjoyable, yet could be quite testing and challenging at times.

There was so much to consider, and because Katie and were marrying at a time in life later than most, we had a LOT of people to invite, many, many of whom had children and so it was a relatively big wedding. We organized the 8 piece band, had the male members of the wedding party fitted for their suits, had Katie’s dress ordered from Australia, sorted out the caterers with several menu options for everyone invited, ordered the wedding car, sorted out the ceremony with speakers, decided on how our tables were decorated, ordered the flowers, designed the invitations and oh so much more it can make your head spin.

This is not mentioning organising my friends for my stag do! I was getting nervous about that at the time too…

So then, as well as finalizing wedding plans and moving home, I was recording for a new TV show on BBC1. It was called the Smoke House and was aired the following month — the issue I have with TV work is that I like the participants of the show to get something useful, valuable and tangible from what I do with them. Whereas the TV company want good TV — media friendly soundbites and so on. Never again do I want to hear a camera man shouting out “Oooh I missed that, can you do that surprised look again…” or “Can you laugh out loud again like you did when he just said that…” The stop/start process of TV recording can zap your energy and I am very giving of my energy! I like to be fired up and fun wherever I go and whatever I do.

Add to that — I had a new book I was writing, a very busy therapy practice, a diploma course that I was (and still am) running, new audio products to record and time that I love spending with the love of my life, my own personal development, and a social calendar… Those weeks were rather manic, rather busy and one evening, I sat down, gathered myself and found my head was spinning!

My head was spinning. Buzzing with thoughts, considerations, ideas, stimulus of all kinds…. It is nice to have lots going on. I like to make sure I can wind down too though. That is what this hypnosis session is all about.

You see, every now and then we need to get grounded… I know I do. I am not talking about something you do with a pestle and mortar. When our heads are up in the clouds, we need to bring it down again! At least for a period of time. We are more balanced and much more effective that way.

For some, being grounded comes easier than for others. We all feel the need to be grounded for one reason or another at one time or another. So if things are being a bit chaotic or seem to be in turmoil, here is a great way to see that order is restored.

The first time I witnessed this exercise being performed was during a bumpy plane journey where there was lots of turbulence and there were a couple of those sudden drops in the air that make a handful of people shriek and scare everyone else on the plane. The person showing me the technique was and is a good friend of mine and he looked so peaceful when he did it.

This hypnosis helps you find a more relaxed state, a more grounded state from which your perspective is more balanced… It has an incredibly unusual and helpful element to it that I have not found anywhere else… Pull your head down from out of those clouds, get grounded today.


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