Getting Your Legs To Feel Light as a Feather When Running Using Hypnosis


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Being Light on Your Feet When Running

Over the years, I have had advice and guidance from some leading and very popular figures who all use science to support what they do. One of the common themes that I seem to have encountered even more recently, is the idea of being light on your feet. In years gone by a podiatrist mention the idea of running and acting as if I was light on my feet, I remember reading Stu Mittleman’s book ‘Slow Burn’ which advised to run with very lightly closed hands as if you were holding a piece of paper in between fingers and thumb and a lightness of foot, and the Chi Running authors gave me much on this stance too. However, the recent advice has advanced this notion in much more depth; using hypnosis to be light on your feet.

This is something I have had to work on a lot. I have a thick set build, I have tree trunk legs better suited to playing Rugby and Football as I did in my younger days, I am 6’ 2” and my weight still tends to plateau at around 13 stone when I am in the heavy mileage stages of marathon training (slightly more at other times). Being light on my feet is not something that comes easy to me. I used to run in a very muscular fashion driven by raising my thighs, flexing my hips and pumping my arms strongly; there was nothing dainty about how I ran. Yet still managed to muscle in on some pretty impressive marathon times that I am very proud of today.

Using Hypnosis to Run Faster and More Efficiently

In wanting to do better and run faster and more efficiently, I combined many mental imagery principles, sports psychology metholodogies and hypnosis to create a process for getting light on your feet.

This hypnosis audio track will lighten your legs when they feel heavy and is a great tool to use with tired legs at the end of long runs. It is also ideal for helping develop an effective running posture and style.


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