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Hypnosis For Alertness

In this hypnosis track then,is a brilliant way of using hypnosis to get alert, focused and paying attention. It is going to ensure that you are revived, uplifted, and gets you invigorated and alert.

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This Product Has Two Audio Tracks:

Staying Frosty and Developing Icy Alertness With Hypnosis – Track One

Back in 2010, I watched a brilliant TV series (brilliant in my opinion), based on a true story about the US marines that were sent into Iraq to spearhead the invasion aimed at toppling the regime. The series was called Generation Kill.

Sgt. Brad Colbert played by Alexander Skarsgård (also plays Eric in True Blood) was known as the Iceman, but he also coined a phrase that became the tagline for the entire series. Whenever they were going out on scouting missions, or going into battle, or on a recon mission into a town they knew contained opposition fighters, he would say to his team the words “stay frosty.”

This term was about remaining cool and calm, but most importantly to keep alert and stay on your toes, so to speak.

This hypnosis audio track is all about how to ‘stay frosty’ and we are using hypnosis to keep alert and on our toes instead of turning ourselves into zombies which many people have come to associate with hypnosis.

Many people have made an association between relaxation and hypnosis, some hypnotherapists I encounter only know how to induce hypnosis by using relaxation methodologies, yet hypnosis can be induced and the individual can be given suggestions to remain alert, very awake, with a high degree of focus and still respond brilliantly to the hypnotic suggestions.

In fact, in 1991, Banyai wrote a contribution to the book Theories of Hypnosis: Current models and perspectives edited by Lynn & Rhue (1991), entitled Toward a social-psychobiological model of hypnosis. In this, Banyai wrote about inhibiting the individual’s ability to relax by having them exercise rigorously prior to hypnosis, often by having the individuals riding stationery bicycles – they were still responsive to hypnosis.

In my second year of University, I lived and studied in Finland for 6 months. My mother is Norwegian and so I have a lot of love for Scandinavia in general. I attended the University of Tampere and lived in the city that was twinned with Manchester University that I attended. The city ports looked very similar to parts of Manchester too. Part of Finnish life is the sauna. Every home and building has its own sauna and the health benefits are considered important to all local people. Even my student accommodation had its own sauna facilities.

At one of the international students association’s gatherings, we were taken to a sauna out in the Forest on the edge of the city, which could only be reached by walking (an hour walk) to a cabin by a frozen lake. We enjoyed the sauna there, and they had a real-life ice cutter that cut into the frozen lake (like you see on cartoons) to remove the ice and reveal wooden steps. We then would step out of the sauna, jump into the frozen lake and climb out again.

The initial sensation of entering the frozen water in a forest where the temperature was minus 20 degrees in the middle of January (it was actually deemed a mild evening) was literally breath taking. I could not breathe. My breath vanished, it scarpered, my body shook and I scampered to the steps and climbed out.

The funny thing was, that because it was so cold, but our core temperature was so hot from the sauna, we then stood outside in a forest, in the glow of the cabin, completely naked, drinking beer and chatting as if it was totally normal… The freezing water dip did nothing for making an impressive display out of your manly parts either.

So this hypnosis session is going to be combining some of these ideas and has inspired me to develop a process using hypnosis for alertness that I have seen suggested in a number of other places.

Enjoy this session, you’ll feel alert and icy awake by the time you are finished with it!

Invigorating Hypnosis To Feel Really Alert! Track Two

At the time of writing and recording this hypnosis audio track, I had been tired. Not just because I was in the throws of running five consecutive marathons, but also because I have had a slight bug and not been sleeping great, and was incredibly busy with work and all kinds of other things… I was clearly demonstrating Virginia Satir’s ‘Poor Me’ personality category at this time… The point I want to make is that I could have done with a waft of smelling salts under my nose at the time to get my senses tuned on and up.

Well, hypnosis to the rescue for enhancing alertness!

So many people associate hypnosis with “you are feeling sleeeeeepy” and think we always need to be zombie out or in a state resembling a coma when hypnotised.

There are lots of people that I encounter who still believe that hypnosis is like being unconscious and that they are blissfully unaware of anything going on within them or around them while they sit having a sort of nap, believing that the hypnotist’s words are going in regardless and they’ll wake up and hallelujah! Changes will be made.

If only it were like that.

Just recently, on my self-hypnosis seminar that I was running in London, I had to do my usual job of asking people to pay attention during the group hypnosis sessions and not just wander off… I spend some time educating about hypnosis and the way to get the most from it, which I think is probably better than me just walking around the room kicking people in the shins if they drift off too far!

If you spend a day being hypnotised on and off and learning a lot of information and in a new environment, it can be tiring, especially if you travelled far and so I like to think of ways to keep people alert and invigorated. So I tell them about some of our afternoon exercises early in the day which keeps them paying attention….

I tell them that they’ll get the chance to experience localised anaesthesia, full body catalepsy and other things and show pictures from previous seminars… And boy do they pay attention then!

However, in life, we can stop paying attention and find ourselves wandering and drifting and do not have a loud mouthed ginger haired hypnotherapist to scare us into alertness! So I thought I’d share some other processes that can be used in conjunction with self-hypnosis to get alert and not actually to finish the self-hypnosis session feeling sleepy and like a zombie! The next couple of blog entries will be about that.

In this hypnosis track then,is a brilliant way of using hypnosis to get alert, focused and paying attention. It is going to ensure that you are revived, uplifted, and gets you invigorated and alert.