Hypnosis Revealed – Self-Hypnosis Starter Pack


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If You Think Hypnosis Is A Load Of Bunkum Then Think Again!

Discover the power of your mind AND use self-hypnosis skills to enhance your life.

You Will Get Amazing Magical Results and Success.

The reason this product exists has a story behind it so let me explain …

I Wanted This Product…

My name is Keith Watson and I worked closely with Adam Eason for nearly a decade on the technical side of the business.

When I first met Adam I knew precious little about hypnosis. If truth be told I think I had some pretty wacky ideas about what hypnosis was.

I met Adam at a breakfast business networking club and – well – he came over as a rational sane individual and I listened to him and began to take a little more interest in how the mind works and the power of hypnosis to affect change. (in fact I hope this product will do the same for you if you are a newbie)

Furthermore Adam asked me to develop a website for him and through that process I got to know and like the guy. I knew nothing about hypnosis (at that time) and he knew even less about the internet (at that time). Perfect business partnership to make something happen.

I began to work with Adam making some audio products and the relationship developed from there.

Of course as I did more and more work concerning the topic of hypnosis and hypnotherapy and began to use the audios for my own issues, I grew to understand what it was all about.

[Please Make This High Value Introductory Product
if you know equally know nothing about the subject]

So I was really keen that we made a really high content, but low priced product which would serve to help those who knew little about the subject – or – who like me had some misconceptions about what was going on.

I love this product as I think it serves the purpose precisely…

What Is Self-Hypnosis?

Adam has run his one day Self-Hypnosis Seminar for some years now – but of course it is difficult for everyone to get to see it so – the next best thing is a video taken of as much of the day as can be filmed.

Think About This…

If I told you that hypnosis is about being really focused – and similar to an athlete being in the zone – it might surprise you.

Hypnosis is actually very far from being asleep – and yet – that is how it is often represented in the media (you are getting sleepy!   🙂 )

That is just one of the misconceptions out there about this fascinating subject.

There are the craziest things said about hypnosis – usually by people who have never used hypnosis or studied the subject.

Most people recognise though that there are two distinct sides to using hypnosis – one for entertainment (clucking chickens come to mind) and a totally separate sober therapeutic use.

I am pleased to tell you that this set of audios and videos are about the later.  No Drugs, No Injections, No sniffing, No Side Effects.  Totally easy to do and easy for you to study the results.


Such a Variety Of Uses In All Areas Of Your Life…

Self-Hypnosis is a skill that anyone can learn and once you have mastered it can be used in so many areas of your life,

  • sports performance
  • overcoming addictions and habits
  • overcoming phobias
  • overcome anxiety
  • enhancing mind skills,
  • confidence,
  • motivation,
  • self-esteem etc
  • controlling pain
  • hypno-birthing
  • easing or curing many physical conditions
  • There is actually a list as long as your arm.

Where To Begin? – We Get Asked This Often

“I’m interested in learning what hypnosis can do for me but there is so much information on your site I don’t know where to start.”

We Have Now Responded

So we have responded and put together a load of audios plus videos recorded at Adam’s very popular one day seminar ‘The Science Of Self-Hypnosis Seminar’ .

Bonus Product

We have also added a bonus free gift of a popular audio product from Adam’s online store entitled ‘Ultimate Confidence’

confidence bundle hypnosis

But Here Is The Great News:

We so want you to discover the power of your mind that we have priced this high value content at a low price to encourage take up.

Once You Have Seen, Listened and Used This Product You Will Understand That The Following Statements Are Nonsense.

“I am worried that I will get stuck in hypnosis”.

“I don’t like not being in control”.

“I can’t be hypnotised”.

To Know About Self-Hypnosis Start Here

Get this very affordable product and find out for yourself – The Truth About Hypnosis.

You are about to embark on a great journey of discovery about yourself and the power of your own mind.

Enjoy and Success – Using the Great Technical Skill of Self-Hypnosis.


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