Hypnosis To Charge Into Battle To Boost Your Immune System

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Advancing Immune System Functioning with Self-Hypnosis

There is impressive evidence to support the use of hypnosis and self-hypnosis for advancing immune functioning, to examine the research further, have a read of this article: http://www.adam-eason.com/effects-of-self-hypnosis-on-immune-functioning-the-evidence/

Laughter and Joy Are Incredibly Good for the Immune System

Just before I developed this hypnosis audio track, it was the first weekend I had off following the end of the academic year for my hypnotherapy training college. I put a lot of energy into my training courses and as a result feel a bit jaded by the end of the academic year, so I like to make sure I am fully revitalised and rested ready for the start of the next one.  I spent some wonderful time with my wife and children at our beach hut, playing on the beach, in the sea, building castles, digging holes and eating ice creams. I got to go out running and we even had dinner out with friends and had a very relaxing enjoyable weekend. It was really when I got back into the office that I had time to reflect properly on the end of academic year events.

The end of year party was great fun, the weekend module was great fun, I loved handing out the certificates of those who qualified and wishing everyone well with their journey’s onwards in this field. The laughter was not just apparent this weekend, it was there throughout the course. I take my subject and my work incredibly seriously, but I do not think I could do it if it were not fun. I also think laughter makes for a stimulating learning environment, And boy did we have some laughter on this year’s course. Much of it you can see if you have access to the video footage in our Platinum members area.

Many say that this kind of utter laughter is incredibly good for the immune system… So I make a habit of that kind of laughter as often as I can… There are schools of thought that believe those who have little laughter and joy in their lives are the ones whose immune systems let them down in a variety of ways… Whether it is getting colds more often or even something more serious.

Enjoy the Sense of Adventure with this Hypnosis Track

I have written often about my love for all things fantastical… My favourite books are fantasy novels, my favourite films are fantasy and sci-fi… I think it may be this that resulted in me fancying myself as a white knight riding in to save the day when I first qualified as a hypnotherapist over 15 years ago.

I still love the images conjured up in my mind though… The knight riding in. I have always loved being in Winchester, you go to see the stunning Cathedral and of course go to see King Arthurs table where he and his gallant knights would treat each other as equals and do chivalrous deeds…  They are the ultimate defeater of evil in my book… They stand for so much that I associate with strength, courage, well-being and for some reason… Health!

I mean, you’d never expect to see a white Knight behaving in a half-hearted, morose manner with a cough and runny nose, would you?

It is with that in mind that this hypnosis session addressing immune functioning is designed… Enjoy the themes, the sense of adventure and most importantly, advancing your immune functioning with this hypnosis track. 


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