Hypnosis To Lower Your Body Temperature

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Coping with Body Temperature Using Self-Hypnosis

Here on the south coast of England, when I put this hypnosis audio track together it was hot. Properly hot. We were experiencing a heatwave and it had hit 30 degrees a few times. I love Summer here, we get to spend time at our beach hut, wear shorts all day every day, go swimming, go out on the sea on my paddle board and so much more besides… At night time however, I struggle to sleep when it is so warm. I know that many, many of my friends who are also not used to this level of warmth say the same; my Facebook newsfeed gets filled with comments relating to the heat at night. I often yearn for a pillow that feels as if it has been in the fridge.

I alleviated the issue with self-hypnosis, but you knew I was going to say that, didn’t you? I practiced it, reviewed the research on the subject and then started teaching my clients and students how to do this too. Now we are offering this as a skill you can learn too with this hypnosis audio track. 

The Evidence for Using Self-Hypnosis to Alter Body Temperature

This is not just some flight of fancy. There are numerous studies that have examined the effects of hypnosis upon peripheral skin temperature and related blood supply and blood flow. In my consulting rooms and throughout my trainings, many clients and students often report a change in body temperature just as a bi-product of being hypnotised, some researchers have attempted to explore this and see if skin temperature is some sort of ‘bio-marker’ of hypnosis but have had mixed and inconclusive results (Reid & Curtisinger, 1968; Grabowska, 1971; Peters & Stern, 1974; Piedmont, Bregman & McAllister, 1985). However, of more interest to us here is whether or not (and how) hypnosis can be used to control or lower your body temperature. I have seen students in my classrooms conducting glove anaesthesia, using mental imagery of cold and numbness whereby the skin colour has changed dramatically and the hand has felt cold to the touch compared to the other hand and despite being in a warm room!

How to Use Self-Hypnosis to Cool Down

The evidence would generally suggest that hypnosis can be used to alter temperature (Barabasz & McGeorge, 1978; Dikel & Olness, 1980; Piedmont, 1983). One study suggested that hypnosis was less about actually altering temperature, rather it altered the perception of temperature (Wallace & Kokoszka, 1992). A study that I have mentioned before here even used hypnotically suggested hypothermia to control cancer metastases as a result of the blood withdrawing from those areas (August, 1975). As you can see then, despite many of the studies looking at warming up areas, there have been some that have looked at cooling temperature, which is great news for redhead self-hypnotists wanting to improve their ability to deal with heat waves! In general terms, the evidence is inconclusive regarding the direct effect of hypnosis upon actual peripheral skin temperature (though some studies would disagree), however, if (as some studies suggest) hypnosis simply alters the experience and perception of the individual, that is good enough for us, right?

I have drawn together the strategies used throughout the study methodologies to offer you up a process you can use to help lower your body temperature. Simply follow the instructions in this hypnosis audio track and practice it regularly to develop the skill. Enjoy.


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