Hypnotic Book Of True Self Acceptance


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Hypnotic Book Of True Self-Acceptance

I had a week long holiday just prior to putting this session together. The sun shone on the part of Cornwall I was in! The apartment we stayed in was neighbours with Peirce Brosnan and had a panoramic view of the harbour, it was bliss to just sit and watch the world going by.

We sailed, visited places of great beauty, ate much, drank much and laughed heartily. A very much needed and thoroughly enjoyed period of time with my wife.

I have been writing about it on my blog this week… Some of the Cornish people seem to have this wonderful knack of being happy. That is, the life they lead seems to fulfil them… As Richard Bandler once said in not so many words, they really do seem to want the things they have got in this life.

With this hypnosis session, I am sharing with you a process designed to create more deep-rooted self-acceptance. Self-acceptance tends to be easier when it is experienced through multiple perspectives and through a variety of your senses…

Which is why I write about this shortly after having experienced the truly magnificence of the Lost Gardens of Heligan, some stunning creeks off local rivers, the awe of the Eden project, the natural beauty of the coastline at Lizard Point and so much more whilst in Cornwall… The sounds, the glorious sights, the flavours of the local produce and delicacies, the feelings stirred and shared while all this occurred… Really did enable me to let go of an unwanted existing mindset, experience myself afresh and accept myself truly in a wonderful way again.

When I first set out in the world of therapy and personal development, I was advised by a good friend and mentor that I should consider reading the autobiographies and biographies of the people that inspired me… Or people that I wanted to aspire to be like in some way… He said it was the closest thing to being coached personally and learning about these people… In the field of modern psychology, it is perhaps considered to be raw material for modelling aspects of these people.

So I read several autobiographies and still do so… My favourites include Brian Clough, the football manager of my beloved Nottingham Forest when we won two European Cups in successive seasons. Paula Radcliffe, the marathon world record holder, Richard Branson the entrepreneur, Martin Luther King, Ghandi, John Lydon (Jonny Rotten of Sex pistols fame), Iggy Pop, Milton Erickson, Stuart Pearce (my favourite footballer of all time) and so on and so on.

I know it is one of those interesting topics of conversation at dinner parties where we sometimes discuss what our own autobiography might be like, it is even a question I sometimes ask my own clients when they are looking for resources from their life… What would your autobiography be like? What chapters would be easy and enjoyable, what would you be proud of, what stands out most prominently, what would be challenging?

It makes for some interesting thoughts, does it not?

With this session, I am using a technique first championed, designed and utilised by a lady called Leslie Cameron Bandler and have put my own spin into it. It is designed to help advance your self-acceptance and uses the notion of autobiography to great effect.

Imagine if you had access to your unconscious mind, and within the depths of your mind, you had access to the book of your life. The book that tells the story of your life, past, present and future… This session empowers you to go deeply into the book of your unconscious mind, to make profound changes in it and to get it spreading deep levels of joy and self-acceptance throughout your mind and body. it is remarked upon as being an incredibly profound session. At least, it certainly was for me and for many of my clients when they experience this.



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