Hypnotic Boredom To Lull You To Sleep

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Treating Insomnia with Hypnotherapy

I put this hypnosis audio track together while in the midst of a heat wave here on the South coast of England where it had been unbelievably sunny, hot and wonderful.

Additionally, at the same time here at the Adam Eason School of Therapeutic Hypnosis, it was the final module of this year’s monthly diploma. As well as presenting certificates at the end, we have our annual Summer Dinner Dance which was a real hoot. We danced and sang and had a lovely time.

In the afternoon of the Saturday, prior to the evening event, I gave a lecture about using hypnotherapy to treat insomnia. The footage is posted in our Platinum members area. The irony of this lecture being that it was an incredibly hot day to be in a room with no air conditioning and many of those in the audience were struggling to keep their eyes open.

I blamed it on the heat and lack of breeze coming in through the open windows and not my own presenting style!

Even more ironic is that so many people complain of an inability to sleep when it is so much warmer in the evenings at home and I have had lots of message from people, and seen many people saying as much on Facebook.

Using Boredom to Overcome Insomnia

Whilst discussing it with some attendees in the bar after the lecture, we recalled what it was like at University or at school when fighting fatigue or incredibly boring subject matter. I have also been researching and writing for many hours a day as I complete my latest book. Whilst reading a section of a 1970s book by Arnold Lazarus about mental imagery in preparation for this lecture a few weeks ago, Lazarus himself described using scenarios which were incredibly boring to help lull back to sleep and explained similar scenarios he used with his clients to teach them how to get to sleep too.

As I mentioned in class on Saturday afternoon, many people who experience insomnia often report substantial improvement when they use specific mental imagery processes. These are the kinds of processes that are often advanced and enhanced when combined with hypnosis.

A place of complete and utter boredom provides us with a brilliant way of overcoming insomnia too. Who’d have thought that being bored would ever come in so useful?

So if you are lying staring at the ceiling in your bedroom, or if you ever struggle to get to sleep, enjoy this hypnosis audio track as it’ll lull you to sleep beautifully.

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