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Hypnosis For Download | Hypnotic Library Of Change
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Hypnotic Library Of Change

A wonderful hypnosis session awaits you. Say goodbye to any old excuses that may have been holding you back!

*INSTANT DELIVERY – NOTE: A pdf is delivered immediately after purchase which contains instructions for getting the audio MP3 downloads for immediate delivery worldwide


Hypnotic Library of Change

Enter the Library of your Mind – a powerful place to start making changes!

Say “Goodbye” to any old excuses that may have been holding you back in the past

Whilst in the supermarket, I was queuing to make my purchases, and a lady behind me noticed what I was putting on the conveyor belt — pomegranates, red grapefruit, juicing oranges, blueberries, quinoa, green beans, avocado, spring onions, and lots more delectable stuff that makes me drool to talk about.

“Ooh, you eat all that healthy stuff, do you?”

I replied, “I certainly do… I love to see all that colour in my refrigerator, it makes me feel healthy just thinking about it!” I beamed a very big smile and turned to tend to my shopping.

“Oh, I just don’t have the time to eat those kinds of things, and they are all quite expensive, aren’t they? And my kids don’t like that stuff and my husband likes simple things…
I would love to eat like that though, it would be so good for me and you look so healthy, your skin especially…”

Now, the metrosexual in me wanted to discuss skincare … however, I just thanked her, buttoned up the sermon I wanted to give, and bid her adieu.

What a fabulous set of excuses, eh?

She had a list of excuses and rationalisations that were at the ready. She made it OK to eat in a way that she knew was not that good for her, but she excused herself and validated what she was doing. This is one simple example of what this hypnosis session puts an end to.

Creating Reationalisations for Poor Habits

How many times each day do you excuse yourself or create rationalisations for what you do?

Are you doing things that you know if you updated what you were doing, would improve your life greatly?

Are you settling for something other than delightful, inspirational and joyous in your day-to-day existence, and then make an excuse that makes it OK to be that way?

We allow ourselves to be programmed from all kinds of sources, and this hypnosis session is all about programming yourself for the better, today.

When I was at college studying for my A Levels as a much younger man (that is, after school and before university, for those of you outside of the UK), I went on a trip with my English Literature class to the Bodelian Library in Oxford.

Oxford feels like it is steeped in knowledge and makes you feel very erudite just being there, especially among the grounds of some of the older university buildings. However, multiply that by ten thousand times when you go to the Bodelian library.

They have books there that Kings and Queens of England have flicked through.

They have some truly old parchments and old bound books that you would want to use fur-lined tweezers to turn the pages of!

Some of the older reading rooms and areas have very old, large ornate oak carved seating — you know what? A copy of every book ever published in the UK has to be sent there! It is an amazing place and fills you with a sense of intelligence and wisdom.

Certainly the Bodelian library is a lot different to the mobile library that used to visit my street once a week as a child growing up!

That mobile library that toured my neighbourhood, it looked like a kind of strange space van in the shape of a bus. All the books were falling apart and the driver never spoke a word…

Anyway, I love being in libraries and I love being in book shops — there is something about all that knowledge and information that fills me with a sense of wonder and awe.

Libraries are amazing places and if you think about what a library represents, isn’t it a joy to know they exist? OK, allow me to divert your attention for a moment…

The Key Ingredients for a Happy Life

Recently, in a personal development survey that I was reading the results of, the findings showed that the three things that people of the UK believed to be the most important ingredients for a happy life were health, success and motivation.

Hmmmm… I am guessing that this would be similar to related results in many other countries too.

Of course, health, success and motivation mean different things to different people.

Health can mean all kinds of things, we all have our own meaning of success, and motivation is vastly different from one person to another.

So, have a think about what those words mean to you and write down a paragraph on each word before you start listening to this session. You’ll find out why…

When you think of what those terms mean to you, are you doing all you can to achieve those things?

Is your life filled with health, success and motivation?

If not, what are the reasons?

Do you stand around in shopping queues, enviably eyeing up what other people have and then delivering a plethora of excuses for why you are not taking actions that would make you healthier and happier, for example?

Often, when you ask someone why they are not doing more with their life, or making better choices, or taking actions to enhance their existence, you get excuses!

Whatever their reasons might be for not moving towards dreams they have, these are usually excuses or ways of excusing why they are like that or living like that.

So here is a hypnosis session that allows you to symbolically start programming yourself to stop making excuses, to stop rationalising and begin taking action and living the way you want, or a way that makes you happier on your own terms.

There are libraries, ferocious furnaces, big doors to be unlocked and much more besides, ready to tantalise you in this hypnosis session.

You enter the library of your mind, and boy is it powerful place when you start making changes within it…

A wonderful hypnosis session awaits you. Say goodbye to any old excuses that may have been holding you back in the past!