Hypnotic Mud Bath


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The Hypnotic Mud Bath

When I was younger, I lived for a few months on a Kibbutz and have written in my books and on my blog about some of my experiences during this time and my other travels. After living for a while in Nacscholim, Israel, I got to travel to the dead sea in Jordan. After I had been to Petra, of course.

This is not supposed to be about me reminiscing, but furthering the notion that exists within many of these individual hypnosis sessions; mental imagery processes combined with powerful hypnosis… So I shall not indulge myself too much further with my recanting tales of old… But if you have ever floated in the dead sea for a while, you appreciate that whether it is because of the minerals, or whether it is because so many people told you it was good for you… You feel good being in there.

It led me to fancy going and plunging myself into one of those mud baths. So I went to a local one and I have since been to others, one in particular was on the periphery of the volcanic Greek island of Santorini. You get to wallow in mud and minerals and sit with it on you for a while before you swim into the sea and wash it all off.

Again, it feels good, I have to say.  I have only fond memories of hanging out in mud.

Mud, mud, glorious mud, eh?

When your weight gets suspended and your firmly believe in the healing properties of that thick, gloopy, gooey, brown stuff you are in, then you respond accordingly. It is that premise that I rely on within this hypnosis session.

There are all kinds of processes similar to the one I am sharing here, out there online or in script books and this is just my own adaptation of such. If you fancy gaining all the fabulous benefits of a mud bath, without all the actual mud, then this is just the ticket for you with this audio session.  Many believe that mud is good for the skin, good for the joints and for aching muscles and much more besides and we build upon all of those things. Get rejuvenated, get relaxed and enjoy this opportunity to immerse yourself in hypnotic mud!


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