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Hypnotic Salesman

[Adam Eason]  This is an audio programme that I put together a number of years ago.   it is essentially putting together a lot of NLP material and some hypnotic principles with regards to how we communicate.

*INSTANT DELIVERY – NOTE: A pdf is delivered immediately after purchase which contains instructions for getting the audio MP3 downloads for immediate delivery worldwide


The Hypnotic Salesman

This is an audio programme that I put together a number of years ago.   it is essentially putting together a lot of NLP material and some hypnotic principles with regards to how we communicate.

As of today, I am really happy with the underlying principles which are based on solid experience, but there is no major evidence base for this programme or the techniques used within it.

In fact, the evidence base for using NLP for sales is negligible. That said, we have had great reports about it over the years and with it being a paltry fee to invest in it, we think you’ll gain a lot of value from having this audio programme.

Having spent even more hours of his life trying to find the right products and services that he is looking for…

John Smith finally meets you…

Instantly he’s captivated by…

  • Your compelling manner of communication,
  • The likeable way you talk,
  • the way you seem to be in your body.

He’s hypnotically pulled in and listens intensely as each and every word perfectly describes what he has been searching for.

Within minutes of meeting you, he knows he is going to make his purchase, just as many others do the same on a daily basis.

As you smile and watch your sales figures hit the roof, your competition has no idea what you’re up to.

  • What does it really take to hypnotically engage your prospects and compel them to make a purchase?
  • How can you speak directly to your prospects desires?
  • How can you instantly attract your prospects to your service or product?
  • How can you quickly build relationships?
  • How can you dramatically explode your sales with Hypnotic communication?

All of these questions and many, many more are answered in the  “The Hypnotic Salesman” audio programme!

My Hypnotherapy Business

I have been a very busy and successful hypnotherapist for many years.

I saw the amazing things that hypnosis could do to transform lives. I personally successfully helped people with a wide range of issues make impressive changes to their lives; all these people truly changed my life as I saw what they could do.

Then I thought… 
What if I applied these same principles to my business?

The principles that are changing peoples lives for the better — 
what if I used them for MY business?

So I did just that… and you want to know what?

At Christmas 2004, my current website was only just being constructed! And NOW it is one of the most popular and highest ranking hypnosis websites in the world.

Within the first month of us setting up this website and using the techniques that I share in this programme, I made a personal increase in sales of 87%.

Now I have put all these techniques together for you to use and replicate straight away.

You will get exclusive volumes of material that truly captivate you and teach you the raw power of hypnotic sales skills, principles, strategies and techniques.

All delivered in a practical and easy to follow guide that you can use instantly.

That’s right — You can use these skills to dramatically increase their Your sales. In fact, anyone can!

Here is a taste of what you are going to learn within this audio programme:

  • How to use your body to communicate unconsciously.
  • Making someone like you within the first few vital seconds.
  • The fastest and most effective ways to create rapport and trust with everyone you meet.
  • How to communicate and use the language of the world’s greatest hypnotists and the world’s greatest ever salespeople.
  • The most innovative, cutting-edge technologies for getting people to respond positively to you and your product or service.
  • How to ethically influence anyone to say yes, while serving their best interests.
  • Learn the skills of questioning that none of your competitors ever use.
  • How to firmly imprint yourself and your product/service in the minds of your sales prospects.
  • The easiest ways to really know what they want and need and how to give it to them with what you are offering.
  • How to use hypnotic language patterns elegantly and skilfully.
  • How to use structured hypnosis inductions within conversations.
  • How to resonate with people deeply and understand them like no-one else has done.
  • There is so much more, I have hardly scratched the surface here…

So you are a salesperson, right?

A salesperson is something we all are in some shape or form, even if we just want to sell our children virtuous morals in life, or sell friends the idea of a great night out, as well as those of us that sell cars, houses, financial advice or computers.

You sell in your own way already, don’t you? You are reading this page with some kind of interest as well, aren’t you?

Now find out how to sell with more ease than ever, so that it feels that you are not actually selling.

I don’t like feeling like I am selling something and I don’t like feeling that someone is trying to sell me something. 

The hypnotic salesman learns how to do things in a different way altogether.

Now you can do the same.

If you can invest the time to learn this material thoroughly, you might find that it makes you feel good knowing that you are learning to sell in a way that feels good for everyone.

Here is another taste of what you are also going to learn:

  • The most hypnotic words to use, how to use them and when.
  • Words to avoid using that lose sales unconsciously.
  • How to shift people’s perception of time in a sentence.
  • How to make them feel the way you choose, when you choose it.
  • More hypnotic principles than you can shake a stick at: If you just applied on of them properly; your sales rocket!
  • How to inspire and engage the imagination of everyone you meet.
  • How to be more influential and make a better impression than the competition.

I mentioned competition…

You have:

  • Competition for your ideas,
  • Competition for your prospects’ business,
  • Competition for your message,
  • Competition from within your company…

All around us are those competing for a bite of what you want, aren’t they?

So now imagine what it will be like when you are the one that is at the forefront of your prospects’ minds, that you are the one they remember, that you have etched yourself into their unconscious mind with your product and your service and your message and they forget your competition.

You made the lasting impression with ease, without even having to sell.

That is what it means to become a hypnotic salesman.

Ok, so here is some of what you get with this outstanding audio programme:

  • Multi volumes of audio, packed with techniques and strategies for enhancing sales in any environment: Including the toughest.
  • A full set of pre-written language patterns for you to read and use in any sales environment.
  • A set of unique bonuses unavailable anywhere else. Just read…

WAIT! There is more…

I know how important it is to make sure that a salesperson feels good and is in a prime confident state of being to make sure of reaching the top.

There are parts of this programme that show you how to do that for yourself.

I am going to give you free when you invest in this programme the hypnosis sessions from my bestselling audio programme, “Ultimate Confidence”.

That’s right, you get to sit in the comfort of your own home and enjoy the most cutting edge hypnosis recordings, with unique music, evocative language, “Whole Brain Technology” where different sounds in each ear at the same time and resonate with each side of your brain; all aimed at supercharging your confidence levels.

Imagine how good it is going to be to walk into every sales appointment or meeting feeling that you ooze a confidence that others feel without you even having to open your mouth!

There is even more for you too…

Yes indeed, in addition to this multi-volume learning audio programme, you also get FOUR, that’s right, a further 4 hypnosis sessions designed especially with self-esteem enhancement in mind.

Natural self-esteem and a good state of being are going to enhance your abilities beyond your wildest dreams.

In these hypnosis sessions, you programme your mind to:

  • Feel good being you,
  • Feel safe in your body, and to nurture and encourage yourself,
  • Develop a wonderfully intimate and enjoyable relationship with yourself that other people notice when they are around you.

4 unique hypnosis sessions all for increasing your self-esteem

They are designed to enhance the learning from the rest of the audio programme so that you are learning and developing at many levels.

What are you waiting for? Get feeling good being you today!


I have also created a unique hypnosis session designed to accompany this programme — especially for sales enhancement. Unavailable anywhere else or with any other programme — this is especially designed to enhance charisma, enhance sales success and accelerate your learning with every aspect of this audio programme.

Let me just run through that one more time. Here is what you get:

  • Information-packed multi volumes of techniques and strategies and learning as described.
  • Two Ultimate Confidence hypnosis sessions.
  • Four further self-esteem hypnosis sessions.
  • Especially designed sales advancement hypnosis session.
  • Subliminal sales enhancement audio track.
  • Plus the workbook and everything else described in this page!

It is all here to ensure that you are THE sales person you want to be!