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Hypnotic Wealth Mindset

With each section of the audio programme, refer to the relevant section in the accompanying Hypnotic Wealth Mindset journal that comes with this programme and you’ll be able to work through it, integrating the lessons and building your wealth mindset in a highly constructive, positive fashion.

*INSTANT DELIVERY – NOTE: A pdf is delivered immediately after purchase which contains instructions for getting the audio MP3 downloads for immediate delivery worldwide


Creating The Wealth Mindset With Hypnosis

I found it difficult to decide to put this audio programme together. This is something I have toiled with.

In recent years I have gradually moved towards a much more evidence-based approach to the application of hypnosis. There is no empirical evidence to directly suggest that using hypnosis can help people become wealthier in financial terms. No studies to support such an application of hypnosis.

For a number of years, I offered a ‘millionaire mindset’ programme based upon lots of common theories and notions that I had read about from a wide variety of different authors – it sold incredibly well. That’s somewhere else I began to struggle with on a personal level. I was making money out of people who needed the help the most – the programme’s name suggested they might become a millionaire as a result of using my programme and I had no way of substantiating that. At times, it felt like preying on the needs of those who were struggling the most, and that weighed more and more heavily upon me.

So we offered the full programme for free for a while and the uptake was immense. Eventually, I took the decision to remove it completely. I wanted to focus on applications of hypnosis we had evidence for – more therapeutic applications of hypnosis, and as I said, I focused on that stuff which fills our online store.

In that time, we have had a most incredible number of people email me and ask where they can get that programme online. We had so many people asking to buy it. We had people from all over the world asking about it and for it. I stood firm and was resolute about not offering it.

Then, when my business partner Keith and I were discussing some of our plans for the year ahead, he asked me about this subject matter again. He reminded me about the popularity of that previous programme and showed me more of the emails he had received from people saying how much they had benefited from the programme.

One well-known wealth guru even openly wrote that my old Wealth Wizard audio tracks had helped him more than any other single course of tuition or advice on his way to becoming wealthy – but I still refused to offer the previous programme again. Keith asked me if there was a way around it, and if there was anything that we could offer, or anyway we could help all of those who were asking us.

I attempted to do a literature review, but there was very little in the way of direct material to use so I had to look at alternative ways and ideas; processes that had evidence-based rationale that were related and could potentially be put to use in this area. I could find nothing and was close to closing the door on this topic forever.

On To Something!!

Then I flicked open an old copy of Napoleon Hill’s ‘Think and Grow Rich’ and there at the very start of the book, before chapter one, this is written:

“Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich”

Teaching, for the first time, the famous Andrew Carnegie formula for moneymaking based upon the thirteen proven steps to riches.

Organized through 25 years of research, in collaboration with more than 500 distinguished men of great wealth, who proved by their own achievements that this philosophy is practical.”

The foreword to the book writes account upon account of people who benefited from the system of beliefs, thinking strategies and processes laid out in this book. Still today, there are a great many who use and apply these processes with great success.

As I started to unwrap some of the chapters and some of the key concepts utilised within the programme of the book, I found that some of the theories had parallels with pieces of evidence that did support them, not just for the field of hypnotherapy, but in fields of neurology, cognitive psychology and cognitive behavioural therapy. 

This got me looking deeper and starting to formulate ways in which I could start to amalgamate hypnosis with some of these principles, some of the studies and some of the core concepts contained within this seminal work. 

Needless to say, I got on the phone to Keith and told him that I believed I had found a way to be able to offer up an audio programme filled with sessions that are supported with evidence, that have solid principles to support them and which will result in me being able to sleep at night, knowing that there is a good chance of people deriving much gain from such applications.

There are no references to making people millionaires. There are no promises. There are no get rich quick schemes. There are solid notions and ideas, key themes supported with as much research as possible, cognitive strategies, mental imagery exercises that are all combined with the magnifying and amplifying effects of hypnosis aimed at helping you to become wealthier in ways that are right for you.

That is what this audio programme offers you.

Changing Mindsets

You know, we have the technology to land on the moon today. It has happened a few times now. We all take it for granted that it has happened. Everything we needed to do that was here on this planet, yet many hundreds of years ago we would have been more likely to howl at the moon, pray to it or be scared of it rather than to conceive that we would ever land on it, I mean physically putting a foot on it. As of today, we have done that though. So what changed?

Our mindset and our consciousness changed. The mindset and consciousness of people has changed and developed in so many ways. This wealth centred audio programme is about getting your mindset updated in a way that helps you to develop wealth on your terms. It is here for you to establish the consciousness of wealth in a wonderfully natural, harmonious, fulfilling and satisfactory way.

I can remember reading ‘The Power of Your Subconscious Mind’ by Joseph Murphy as a younger man and loving his idea of your mind being like a fertile garden. It really is though. Every thought you think, every belief you confirm, every reaction, response and thought process is like sowing a seed in your mind and those seeds create your reality.

Want to know what you focused on most in your life up until now, what seeds you have sown in your life until now? Well just take a look at your life, that will tell you.

You have got what your mind has created, expected and focused upon.

So what do you let happen, what do you allow to programme your mind?
What has programmed your mind up until now?

What is Wealth?

My Dad was one of many brothers and sisters that grew up in relative poverty on a farm. My Grandfather worked 7 days a week – including Christmas day – from 5am until 6pm for pennies, and in much hardship. My Dad was the only one of his brothers and sisters to think it important to go to Grammar School, to learn, to perform and to break the mould. He went on to set up his own business and make a good living for himself so he could buy his parents a better home in their retirement and a better quality of life for his own family.

Wealth was something he had to learn about in financial terms, but he also understood that it was not exclusively about money. Those lessons are lessons he passed on and that I have continued to value as I have had my own family and developed my own successful career over the years.

Wealth is having an abundance of energy, joy, friends, opportunities, freedom and so on. Wealth to me is having time to run marathons, time to spend with my children at our Beach Hut when the weather is good, time to spend on my PhD researching and developing my knowledge. 

Wealth to me is also about having fun as often as I can, sharing laughter in a variety of ways. So please start to think of what wealth means to you. It is also about earning money to make your desired lifestyle possible, isn’t it? With the right mindset, this is made more possible and at the very least, it is made accessible.

I have to tell you this. I am embarrassed to say it – I once watched the Trisha daytime TV show. It is kind of like Rikki Lake or Jerry Springer, except English. Anyway, Trisha had a guy up on stage who was 54 years old and was talking about how dreadful his parents had made his life. He had left home when he was 17 years old, because they were so dreadful. They did indeed sound awful according to his account. This is not my point.

My point is illustrated with a question I would have asked if I was in the audience. I would have asked: “When you are 80 years old, if you live that long, are you going to be on your death bed and still blaming your parents for what a terrible life you have been dealt?”

At what time does that guy need to stop blaming his parents, the world and everything else and start being responsible for himself? When is he going to own his life? This may sound uncaring – however, I help people for a living, I care. I have been a therapist for many years now, I care. I am a father of two, I care. I run several marathons for charity each year, I care.

This audio programme is developing a consciousness of taking responsibility for yourself. To stop being a victim of circumstance in any way. On this TV show, the audience and Trisha and everyone else watching across the UK were all making that “aahhhhh” noise – they were confirming that, yes, he was a victim of much injustice, he had been dealt a bad hand in the card game of life – they were confirming it for him, they were helping him to be a victim! To stay centred in lack.

His consciousness was not going to be updated – he was getting far too much love for staying poor, unhappy and being a victim.

Popular psychology is littered with misconception, like having to go back and face your past to cure the person you are today. There is no evidence at all to support this notion. In therapy, this kind of psychodynamic approach is largely disproven as pseudoscientific today. Regardless of what has gone on in your past, you can choose to develop a wealthy mindset today, you can make a choice of how to behave and think today.

When developing the wealth mindset, it does not only matter what you do and the actions you go on to take – it also matters who you are – it matters who you are and who you choose to be. This audio programme is going to show you how to adopt the right mindset, so that you know you are capable and open to achieving all the wealth and abundance that you want and that you deserve.

As we progress through this audio programme together, I am going to recommend that you practice certain skills, work through certain exercises and you can do that all at your own pace. Sometimes it’ll do you good and you’ll derive much more benefit if you repeat a lesson and listen to a particular hypnosis track daily for a few days before you move on – I’ll tell you those things and give those instructions as we proceed.

With each section of the audio programme, refer to the relevant section in the accompanying Hypnotic Wealth Mindset journal that comes with this programme and you’ll be able to work through it, integrating the lessons and building your wealth mindset in a highly constructive, positive fashion.

I’ll say this. Diligence and hardwork will pay dividends with this audio programme. it offers no magic wand and does not reward the lazy wanting a quick fix. if you choose to invest in this audio programme, you are advised to make sure you do not cut corners. Make sure you listen to all the tracks in the order that they are presented in and that you do the accompanying exercises with each. You only cheat yourself if you do not. The benefits are there for you if you engage fully with this programme.

Enjoy the experience, enjoy the journey and let me know of your results.