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Hypnosis For Download | Immune System Booster
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Immune System Booster

Since the description of this audio was written pre covid – it is not mentioned.  BUT of course, all that is written still holds true.  Look after your Immune system.  Basically, I have created this hypnotic audio programme to boost the immune system to help ward off infection in what many people believe to be this contaminated age in which we live

*INSTANT DELIVERY – NOTE: A pdf is delivered immediately after purchase which contains instructions for getting the audio MP3 downloads for immediate delivery worldwide


The Hypnotic Immune System Booster

Fine Tune Your Powerful Natural Defence Against Colds, Flu and Other Buggy Things With This Powerful 5 Stage Programme Including 5 Hypnosis Sessions —

You know the situation — You run into a, tissue in hand, friend — who mumbles nasally  “I won’t come too near, I’ve got a streaming cold”.  Chances are you are thinking — uh oh — I am going to catch this — I always do.  In fact in the winter months, the bus, the train, the office, the shops are all potential viral exchanges.

Your fears of course become a reality — by telling yourself that you are bound to catch the virus of the month — you have sealed your fate.  You are in fact doing the opposite of what you should do — you are teaching yourself to lower your defences, removing the shield and welcoming the bugs in.

Consider those questions again:-

Have you experienced one of ‘those bugs’ that everyone got? You getting it was inevitable?!

Are you one of those people that just assumes that if everyone in the office or if everyone in your house is getting it, then you are going to be ill soon too?

What if I could show you how to use your mind to ensure you are free of cold and flu bugs?

Well, that is what this audio programme is all about… I have put together a
5 phase audio programme to enhance your immune system and ensure that you are resistant to colds, flu and bugs and that you are more productive for more of the season… While all those around you seem to be falling like flies, you stand tall, firm and healthy.

During the last year, here in the UK we have had what has been described by the media as an ‘epidemic’ of flu and colds… It was crazy! Everyone you spoke to had it or knew someone close by who had it… I was outraged!

I was also intrigued…

Because I also came across one or two people here and there who never got ill… It was those people and others that I got to study and look at before I decided on recording this audio programme.

You and I both know that it is absolutely vital that you have a good strong immune system, don’t we? Not least because your body can then fight off diseases, infections and all manner of other ills.

It is possible to boost your immune system and build it up into your best defense mechanism… What’s more, it is possible to use your body and mind together to boost it to levels that can change your life forever.

Basically, I have created this hypnotic audio programme to boost the immune system to help ward off infection in what many people believe to be this contaminated age in which we live.

Boosting the Immune System

Let me tell you about the immune system first of all…

The Immune System is the body’s defense mechanism to handle invaders. It is an amazing work of nature. It does a very good job of fighting off illnesses and infections when it is in good condition. The way it works is beyond the scope of anything I can write here, as it is highly complex and finely tuned. Importantly and unfortunately, when it is not in peak condition, your immune system can fail to operate as well as it should.

Key Factors Depleting The Immune System

There are many factors which can cause the immune system to deteriorate. Some of them include poor diet, not enough sleep, not enough exercise, too much stress and many other factors. Thankfully it is possible to increase the strength of your immune system and there are certain ways to use your mind which do have a tremendous effect.

Do You Have Much Laughter?

Laughter has long been held as the “Best Medicine” and, in fact, science has now found that every cell in the body has a receptor for the substances produced when we are happy. Every cell is therefore influenced by how we feel. Our first line of defense against any disease is therefore Happiness!

Happiness can be generated by the mind and forms part of what you get with this audio programme — hypnotically induced happiness!

This might be easier said than done if you were just left to your own devices, so my audio programme runs you through every step you need to take to boost it for yourself.

Move Your Body and Boost Your Circulation!

Disease often follows any blockage in the body’s intricate mechanism. Therefore another defense against disease is to keep your body and its mechanisms is motion! This means moving the body muscles as in regular exercise as well as moving the internal involuntary muscles.

Again, this audio programme shows you how to use your mind to ensure you get enough motion to boost your immune system — often dramatically!

Large internal muscles make up the walls of the oesophagus, the stomach, alimentary canal, colon, bladder and other internal organs. When these are working correctly and effectively, and moving the food through the body, the body’s Immune System works efficiently.

This audio programme encourages your mind to detox more effectively and boost the organs designed to help enhance your immune system.

The defense system of the body starts with the skin — a waterproof layer containing bacterial sweat and other protective secretions. It is important to allow the skin to breathe and not cover it with harmful chemicals or non absorbent clothing. Internally, the body surface is covered with layers of mucus produced by the cells lining the nose, throat and lungs and other organs. There are various special organs such as the adenoids, tonsils and others that filter off and handle bacteria. The blood system supplies the cells with nutrients and is pumped by the powerful heart muscles.

All these systems are controlled and regulated by your brain… So with this programme you use your brain to really boost the effectiveness of your immune system.

This programme has five distinct steps, five different phases designed to work with different facets of your immune system and physiology… Each step has accompanying hypnosis sessions which get deep inside your mind to enhance that step and improve the functioning of your immune system and enhance your resistance…

These, combined with a good wholesome diet and regular exercise, will boost and maintain your Immune System, naturally…

“I started using Adam’s Hypnotic Immune System Booster programme in October 2008 and, although both my children and my husband had that big flu bug, I have not had it and have not been ill at all since.

I did have a flu jab at the end of the year, but that does not usually manage to stop me from getting 2 or 3 bugs every winter, especially when the kids bring theirs home from school!”

Diane Broomfield, Housewife, Esher, Surrey, UK

If you want to join the growing group of people that want to take a stand against the seemingly continuing cycle of illness and bugs prevalent today, then jump on board today, get your brain working for you and get your immune system doing what it should.