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Inspiring Hypnotic Encouragement

Deliver truly amazing and encouraging messages to yourself…   You’ll become aware of just how good you feel!

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Inspiring Hypnotic Encouragement Deliver truly amazing and encouraging messages to yourself…

You’ll become aware of just how good you feel!

The marathon-running bug hit me the year before I decided to run my first.

I watched the TV coverage of all those people running together throughout the streets of London for the London Marathon. The City was just about closed. In addition to the thousands of people that were running in the event, more thousands were lining the 26 miles of the course.

When I started participating in races and getting into marathon training and running, someone said that it is a great idea to write your name on the front of your running vest and throughout the race, the crowds will keep on shouting your name and giving you personal encouragement.

It is such a wonderful tonic on busy races.

It is amazing how different it is to run on a street lined with thousands and thousands of people shouting and encouraging you — compared to running alone on a rainy, cold, dark evening or a grey, windy morning on your own.

I also remember when the world record holder marathon runner, our very own Paula Radcliffe, ran the London marathon for the first time — on every inch of the course, she was greeted with cheers and encouragement that was unparalleled to anything I had seen before at a marathon event. She led within the first couple of miles and destroyed the field. She made the world’s greatest marathon runners look ordinary and herself look superhuman. You just know that everyone watching at home was cheering her on and encouraging her too.

So much is said about being the home team in a football match too, for example, as the crowd supports and encourages their players so much more.

You know what?

I believe that we all need some of that kind of encouragement from time to time.

This is especially true when we want to make positive and powerful changes in our lives for our betterment.

Over the years, I have written a great deal about our internal dialogue. 

The point I want to firmly establish here is that if individuals insist on continually telling themselves not to make a fool of themselves in front of others, or reminding themselves how things went wrong the last time, or indicating to themselves how useless they think they are. That internal dialogue is well and truly amplifying a problem and likely to ensure that a similar issue occurs again.

It is!

You knew that much already though, didn’t you?

Take a moment out here to imagine this scenario.

First of all, think of someone that you love; a child or your spouse or best friend or any other dearly beloved person in your life. Imagine that they were trying to achieve something; I mean that they wanted a particular thing to happen or wanted to create something or achieve a goal.

Now imagine that a total stranger came and belittled their efforts.

The stranger told them that they could not do it and they might as well give up! Imagine the stranger said that they should not have tried in the first place and their efforts will amount to nothing!

How would that make you feel?

To understate it, I guess you would feel annoyed at the stranger’s sentiments, wouldn’t you?

You are likely to defend your loved one, aren’t you?

Maybe you’d like to box the ears of the stranger!

So in contrast, what would you say to that loved one to encourage them and support them?

Take a moment out to think about that. How would you encourage them to successfully achieve and apply themselves?

You see, so often the kind of thing that the stranger was saying is the kind of thing that people say to themselves.

You would not tolerate that sort of thing being said to a loved one, as you have just demonstrated, yet you may well be just as guilty and harmful in the way you communicate to yourself. Not just with your internal dialogue, it could be with your belief about yourself and your actions in life.

Encouragement should not just be reserved for sports stars, or babies learning to walk.

We ALL need it as often as we can.

Even if we are not getting as much as we should from others, we can encourage ourselves.

My brother still jokes about the time him and I ran the Bristol half-marathon together a few years ago. We were going for a personal best time at this race and in the last few miles, we were battling ourselves, our aching legs and our lungs that were readying to burst! We encountered a steep hill that most runners were groaning at the prospect of scaling at this late stage in the race. As we got over the hill and carried on speeding along the flat road, trying to catch our panting breath, my brother was laughing at me and I asked him what he was laughing at.

He said, “I was just laughing at you shouting at yourself that you can beat this hill and that you eat hills for breakfast.”

I had not realised that I was so determined and was encouraging myself so much inside my head, that I had said my words out loud!

As a result of encouraging yourself so much more, each time you create some internal communication of any kind with yourself, as you are more and more supportive, this is going to naturally increase your self-esteem and your self-confidence too!

In turn, that builds a stronger foundation for your success and grows your ability to achieve more.

When you use this hypnosis session, for the coming weeks, you get to deliver truly amazing and encouraging messages to yourself and you become aware of how good you feel as a result.

How you behave and the feelings that you have to affect each other. Your behaviour often shows what your feelings are and your behaviours also affect how you feel (and vice versa, of course).

Very often, people think that they have to feel different before they change any of their behaviours.

However, it is often far, far easier to do it the other way around.

An individual that has low self-esteem, for example, may well focus upon things in their life which have failed or gone wrong rather than focusing on their successes, things they have done well or encouraging themselves.

In a given identical situation or circumstance, someone with a high level of self-esteem will look for what they did well, they are encouraging, and continue to remind themselves of their achievement or their success. They use their resources, their own progressive and positive thoughts and successful experiences as a way of continually enhancing their energy and motivation.

This hypnosis session is going to get some of the most tantalising encouragement and good feelings lodged into your brain so that you feel truly wonderful and good about yourself.