Install An External Eye – A Wonderful Tool To Overcome Unwanted Behaviours, Habits & Thoughts


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Install An External Eye

I have joked often when teaching a class, that at times in my hypnotherapy consulting rooms, I have a reality-check moment or two, when everything seems surreal. That is, I start to observe the reality of what is happening, I am sat in a room with another person, talking to them while they have their eyes closed, and the huge amount of awareness of the details of the reality makes it a very surreal experience compared to when I am engrossed in my usual thoughts and the automated process of conducting my hypnotherapy sessions. This will become relevant later on here, let me explain…..
It is incredibly common for someone with an issue or area of development to lack awareness of what they do, and so often they do that thing on auto-pilot. “I recognise that I’m smoking a cigarette once it’s lit and I’ve taken a couple of drags!” or “I feel guilty about eating the cake after I’ve swallowed it.” With many habitual behaviours such as biting finger nails, drinking, smoking, picking skin or unhealthy eating, the lack of awareness makes it difficult to nip the behaviour in the bud.
Yet if you examine other issues that people may have such as lacking self-esteem, anxiety disorders or public speaking, for example, we may have too much self-awareness which can amplify or magnify the issue at hand.
With this hypnosis audio track, you are going to create a metaphorical external eye that resides outside of you and can look back at you. Like a scrutinising observer.
If we are engaging in a habitual issue, doing something unwanted without being aware of it, it may be because the external eye is closed and could do with being opened so that it can indeed scrutinise the behaviour. Likewise, if this external eye is wide open and already scrutinising us, making us more anxious, nervous or depleting our self-assuredness, the external eye may well need to be closed or averted so that it is less imposing.
Our aim with this particular hypnosis track is to create balance and to put the individual, that’s you, in control. At times, we need to be very self-aware, and at other times, we need to move our awareness away from ourselves. Let me illustrate this first of all.
Have you ever taken something that you do automatically and without thinking and started to scrutinise it, observe it closely and brought all your attention and awareness into it? It can lead to increased self-consciousness, can’t it?
I remember playing a game of snooker with friends once and one of my friends mentioned that I stood unusually and held my cue in an awkward fashion. I began to really examine what I was doing and started playing poorly, confirming his suggestions. Later, my other friends all agreed that my stance and cue positioning was classic and ideal and that I had indeed been put off by a joke. He meant it as a joke, yet my awareness being forced inwards created a self-consciousness that impaired my performance.
If you are running, or swimming or cycling in automatic fashion, and you then start to examine in great detail where you are putting your arms or legs, you can easily notice how you can become disoriented. Have you ever gone into a room and noticed you had already done something you were planning on doing? Making a cup of tea, ironing a shirt, for example? You might start to wonder what else you actually do that you are not aware of. Or have you ever noticed how difficult it is to do things in the same fluid fashion when someone is looking over your shoulder as you do it? Driving, typing or cooking?
These situations whereby you are engaging in a behaviour that you do very often, without thought, can seem very different when you are being scrutinised and watched closely. Our unconscious, automatic flow gets interrupted by conscious interference. This initially seems like an undesirable thing to do and to therefore stop doing it. However, we can use this for great personal gain and benefit.
It can be used to interrupt and cast doubt upon unwanted habitual thoughts and behaviours and that is incredibly useful in life. I think you are going to love this track, enjoy it!


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